Rope is…

… whatever you want to make of it. And at Anatomie Studio we want to show you its many faces.

Below are some beautiful examples of people in rope which might surprise you!

1. Rope as Street Art

Photo by Ordained Images, Rope Work by ErufuTiedtoArt, Modelled by Eva

Girl break dancing in rope

2. Rope as Circus

Photo by Iambic9 Photography, Rope Work & Modelled by Fuoco

Bendy circus aerialist in circusy self-suspension

3. Rope as Zen

Photo by Mia Culpa, Rope Work by Miumi-U, Modelled by Anna

Girl upside down in rope and bamboo

4. Rope as Art

Photo by Robert Wilson, Rope Work by Wykd Dave, Modelled by Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga suspended upside down

4. Rope as Pop

Rope Work by Wykd Dave, Modelled by FKA Twigs
FKA Twigs “Pendulum” Music Video here

FKA twigs suspended upright

5. Rope as a Concept

Work by Kinoko Hajime

Girl in red rope
If you’re curious and want to try, join us and discover ropes with us this summer!

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