3… 2… 1…. Go!

It’s our final countdown to our opening week! On Monday we get they keys and on Tuesday we are open for business! Expect pictures of the move and the progress as we set-up and install our wooden suspension frame.

Please join us for our OPEN DOORS EVENING on Friday June 19th, the evening is free and you get the chance to meet the people behind the studio, see the space and perhaps share a glass of wine with us.


We are accepting donations in the form of ‘things’ and/or cash. Not sure what we need? Here’s a list of suggested donations:

  • Books! Books! Books! Especially about art, photography, science, biology, physics, massage, yoga, martial arts, Japanese Rope Bondage, and anatomy (of course!)
  • Cushions! Lots of’em
  • Blankets!
  • Plants! Preferably potted pants that enjoy the indoors and lots of light
  • Old ropes, preferably natural fibre
  • Picture frames (any size and colour, we plan to have lots of art)

If you’ve got things at home you’d like to get rid of and think they might be useful for us, send us a message at: anatomie.studio@gmail.com. For example, someone will be donating a floor lamp, someone else is donating some shelves, and someone else has made us a pair of very nice coat racks (thank you!)

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