We now sell rope!

We are very pleased to announce that we are now selling rope in-house!

We currently have two types of rope:

* Corda rustica: a 2-ply 6mm jute rope (£9.90/length, treated). C. rustica is a robust and resilient 2-ply rope, perfect for complete beginners.

* Corda candida: a single ply 6mm jute rope (£11.90/length, treated). C. candida is a silky, light, fast single ply rope, suitable for those who like beautiful ropes that require a little love.

All our ropes come in 7.5 meter lengths.

You can take a look and have a feel for the rope when you come over to the studio, and we can help you choose the right ropes for you!

Rope against red background

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