This year saw the release of a beautiful movie about Kinbaku (i.e. Japanese rope bondage) called ‘Jyowa’. ‘Jyowa’ is a made-up word merging the characters for “rope” and for “speaking or communicating”, hence it can be translated as “communicating through ropes” or “rope stories” (more info here).

DVD and silkscreen of Jyowa

The movie is Pedro’s own creation and something he has been working on (and self-funding) for the past 4 years. This project was started in Tokyo in 2011 as a documentary film, yet it ended up becoming more of an aesthetic experience that takes the viewer into the unique universe of five of Japan’s top rope artists (by order of appearance): Naka Akira, Yukimura Haruki, Nawashi Kanna, Urado Hiroshi and Hajime Kinoko. In each of the the five chapters we can see two people taking a journey into a deep and profound level of communication in which rope takes a very special place.

Pedro is one of the most talented rope artists in Europe, with over a decade of experience and learning. He regularly teaches and performs abroad (including Europe, US and Japan). However, he is also perhaps the most elusive of all rope artist as you’ll struggle to find any information about him on social media… !

The DVD costs £22 on its own or £18 when you purchase 4 or more treated ropes. It can be purchased in-store.

* The movie contains nudity and scenes of an erotic nature. 

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