Anatomie Studio: 4 months on!

Anatomie Studio is 4 months old on October 15th and we’d like to extend a warm thank you to all the fantastic people who make this place so special week after week. Because of you, Anatomie is truly becoming the community-oriented, welcoming, creative and open-minded nest we hoped it would be.

Want to see how far we’ve come? Take a look at what the space looked like when we first came to visit before the building works were even started and the space was nothing more than a cold concrete shell:

Anatomie Studio 4 months ago
Anatomie Studio in March 2015 before building works

And this is what the space is looking like today after a lot of love and dedication:

Anatomie Studio
Anatomie Studio today (4 months on)

… And with your continued support we will keep working on improving the space and bringing you more exciting events!

Want to join us? Find out what’s on, hire us, or work with us.

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