The Soap Box: witness the magic…

Our first Soap Box is coming in February!

(Curated by Gestalta and brought to you by Anatomie Studio).

If you like to witness a little bit of magic on a Friday evening in a small intimate setting…. then join us for our Soap Box nights where we’ll be lending the floor for artists and performers (local and afar) to showcase their favourite pieces. Anything from spoken to word, to circus to (of course) shibari will be welcomed on our stage!


Due to a series of very fortunate events, for our first Soap Box we have not one but TWO highly regarded and beloved international shibari performers joining us. Forget what you think you know about shibari, this is a whole other thing…

Info about our presenters on the event listing here.

Tickets here.

PS: if you are an artist and would like to perform a piece at one of our future events, please get in touch! Out-of-the-box short to medium-length performative pieces are welcome.

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