Close Ties : Jewellery, Friendships and Flying on the Ground

Since opening the studio in June 2015 we have had the pleasure to work with some amazing people on a variety of very interesting projects. Many of these have also developed into personal friendships, and we are ever so grateful for this.

“Own Your Passion” – Anna D’Alessandro Jewellery

Anna D’Alessandro in one such case. Anna has been joining us since day one, and we have been lucky to witness the creation and development of her beautiful shibari inspired jewellery collection, Close Ties. In her collection, she takes inspiration on various shibari elements: the bamboo, the ring and the ropes, and turns these elements into elegant and meaningful personal adornments.

Anna ‘owned her passion’ in front of a small audience this week at Home House‘s series ‘Intimacy Matters‘. She presented on her jewellery collection, the art and beauty of shibari, followed by a short performance with Anatomie Studio’s own Fred (see photos below), and a rather interesting Q&A session [Photo credit: Anna ‘Bones’].

You can find more about Anna D’Alessandro’s jewellery by visiting her website. To “Own Your Passion” and purchase some of her unique designs, visit her shop here!

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