Rope kits now available!

Choosing what to get from our shop just got a whole lot easier now that we have created rope kits! There are three rope kits to choose from: the ‘Starter Kit’, the ‘Levelling Up Kit’ and the ‘Full Kit’ and you can scroll down for photos, content and prices.

The ‘Starter Kit’ is perfect for those starting out as 4 ropes will get you enough rope to tie the whole body and get creative with floor ties; the ‘Levelling Up Kit’ is ideal for those progressing into partials and basic suspension as the addition of 4 extra ropes allows for mainlines to be added to your ties; and finally the ‘Full Kit’ is our most complete kit for those who have moved into more complex suspensions and transitions, the addition of 7 ‘shit bits’ equivalent to 2 extra ropes is perfect for accenting ties (such as hair, fingers, toes).

We have also recently added tenuguis (tea towels) to our collection which are great for wrapping up your ropes in a bundle or serve as blindfolds. The tenuguis are made in the studio and the fabric is likely to vary in pattern and design (… but all skull themed!).

We now also stock suspension rings: large wooden with webbing or small metal without webbing (great for those who tie with carabiners), as well as bamboo which is cut to measure for you.

To order your own kit, drop us a line at – our online shop is coming later this year at!

★ Say hello to our new rope kits! ★

★ The ‘Starter Kit’ includes 4 ropes, EMT shears and paste ★ Price: £61 ★
★ The ‘Levelling Up Kit’ includes 8 ropes, EMT shears, paste, one tenugui and a choice or ring (wooden or metal) OR bamboo ★ Price: £135 ★
★ The ‘Full Kit’ includes 12 ropes plus 7 ‘shit bits’, EMT shears, paste, oil, one tenugui and a choice of suspension ring (large wooden or small metal) OR bamboo ★ Price: £205 ★

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