A playful display of ropes and circus at our second Soap Box

Thank you for joining us for our second ever Soap Box event! The Soap Box is our new bi-monthly evening of curiosities curated by Gestalta and brought to you by Anatomie Studio!

This time we veered away from the more traditional interpretations of rope and married shibari with circus and ballet. As it turns out these make a wonderful combination, and our sold out house witnessed a playful display of movement and dance using ropes. All the pieces were created specifically for the Soap Box event reflecting the individual creative energies and personalities of our performers.

First up were Anatomie’s own Fred performing with the ever elegant Noctuelle. In their short and sweet piece, they merged ballet and ropes to borrow from the theme of the ballet Coppélia that centres around a doll being brought back to life by alchemist Dr Coppelius. Breaking away from tradition, in which the ropes are there to bind, here Fred‘s ropes where a source of liberation, allowing our puppet ballerina to dance freely as she came to life. The harshness of the ties contrasted but also complimented  Noctuelle‘s elegance and grace as she dazzled the audience with her ballerina moves.

Next up were Gestalta and Sophia performing the most traditional shibari show of the night. In this intense and dynamic piece called ‘Circles’ the pair explored the relationship between ritual, shibari and theatre. This was a beautiful and dreamy show is which Gestalta‘s ropes played to Sophia‘s agility and bendiness. The two made the the perfect duo to showcase the magic of shibari to our expectant audience: intensity, connection, sensuality, theatricality, multiple sticking visual shapes. The show came full circle with the two switching roles at the very end bringing the show to a meaningful and powerful closure.

Our third show of the night was provided by the madly creative Glü Wür who definitely stepped out of the box in this incredible piece called ‘Bag’. Glü Wür was our special guest for the night, coming all the way from Barcelona, and she didn’t disappoint! performing entirely inside a  makeshift fabric bag, she taunted the audience and self-suspended before disappearing again into the darkness…

Your can learn more about Glü here and watch a snippet of her performance in video here.

Finally, but definitely not least, we had the pleasure to witness a bit of pure corde lisse magic with professional performance artist Maisy Taylor. Maisy gave us a taste of her creative power with her evocative piece ‘Thirteen’, an intimate rope act exploring innocence and fragility, of a female form that is exposed and awkward, but ultimately free. Maisy awed the audience with the grace and fluidity with which she moved in the air creating dreamy and contorted poses that told a beautiful story.

Our next Soap Box event will be on June 3rd and Gestalta has already booked some fantastic performers that you definitely won’t want to miss… ! Stay tuned for details and ticket release. Our last two events sold out completely so secure your tickets early.

[Photo credit: Anna ‘Bones’]

February Event Photography and Summary.
February Video.

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