One Year.

One year anniversary

Last Friday June 24th we celebrated our one year anniversary party! We had an amazing turnout of about 50+ guests and drew a raffle with a total of 11 prizes generously donated by Wykd Dave & Clover, Anna D’Alessandro Jewellery, Ruby Rouge, Dee Lu (aka SingingTree), Isobel Williams, The Bondage Man, JessicaWabbitt and ourselves. There was also a record number of eating with over 8 cakes, home cooked sweets and even home made sushi brought by our wonderful attendees! The night ended around 2am after the post cake rope came to an end.


In case you missed it, we leave you here with an edited snipped of the speech by studio owners Anna and Fred, explaining some of the ideas behind Anatomie’s conception:

[…] Given Fred and I’s academic backgrounds (Physics and Physical Anthropology) the name ‘Anatomie’ encompasses a desire for the pursuit of knowledge, and references both our academic fields with the words ‘Atom’ and ‘Anatomy’ contained within the name. The choice of the spelling ‘Anatomie’ with a foreign twist also reflect Fred and I’s diverse backgrounds (Portuguese-Canadian and Scottish), as well as my own French-Canadian heritage and French education.


We desired for Anatomie to be a place of learning and discovery and wanted to be able to offer the very best, most solid rope education we could find. And we wanted safety and technique, as well as values such as respect, tolerance and inclusivity, to be at the forefront of that education. Anatomie is like a home to us and we wanted to host presenters who are also good people, people we respect and with whom we’d want to hang out. Most importantly we wanted to invite presenters who are themselves students for life and who are themselves thirsty for knowledge. We’ve been really pleased so far, and we’re committed to continue bringing you the very best we can bring.

But, we also desired the place to be playful and fun – because what’s the point of learning all those knots and tricks if you’re not going to play with them! For this reason, we wished the space to be positive, welcoming and inclusive, by promoting a culture of consent and tolerance, and being openly LGBTQ+ positive but without militantism or policing. We wanted the space to be almost devoid of written rules and protocols, so that we could instead allow for a culture of good people with good hearts and playful minds to flourish organically. It’s truly amazing to see the friendships, and even relationships that have formed here as a result.

Lastly we desired rope education to be as accessible and affordable as we possibly could by offering classes of various formats, lengths, structures and price points. We wanted at the very least for people who attend our beginners jam once to get solid information and tools that they can play with safely.

It’s really incredible to see how far people have progressed in the last year and the beautiful things you are doing in rope means we must be doing something right!  It’s the most satisfying feeling. And the fact that ‘Peeping over the Balcony at Anatomie studio’ is now a ‘hobby’, is our biggest pride and joy!

We are so proud of the London Rope Community and we are very grateful that we can share this home with you.

Thank you for an amazing year!


And here’s to another amazing year to come!

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