The Neuroscience of Rope (JULY 23rd 2-3pm)

Want to know what your brain looks like on rope?

Not long to go now for this month’s #RopeTalk on ‘The Neuroscience of Rope’ with our amazing guest presenter ‘Blue’ all the way for the US’s West Coast!

Join us on July 23 for a discussion by Blue on the data and results found in this study. She will walk you through some of the inspired reads, providing visuals, conclusions drawn from all three participants, and with reflections on how this has informed her rope experience since then. Q&A to follow.

RopeTalk July 2016

Our #RopeTalk sessions are FREE to attend.

Event listing here.

Last year, Blue and her partner (USA) got together with neuroscientist and kinkster Neuromancer to ask the question: what happens to the brain’s activity during a rope suspension?

A wireless EEG unit was attached to Blue’s head and off she and Kanso went into a 40 minute rope session. When they re-emerged, they looked up at Neuromancer28 to find him sitting with analyses in hand, and tears in his eyes.

“Oh! Rope made science cry!” was Blue’s first delighted thought!

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