Body, Movement, Connection, Pleasure : Kristina Marlen makes sense of rope over two weekends in London!

We first met Kristina Marlen at EURIX autumn 2015 and it was love at first class. She made so much sense of how the body mechanics works and how this can be married with a rope practice that we proceeded to sit in all the classes we could by her over the course of the week : from dance to improv, to rope, to exchange, we were truly inspired!

It has taken almost exactly 1 year to finally get her to London, and we could not be more excited about her visit!

She will be offering two weekend-long workshops at the end of August/start of September, one for complete beginners and one for non-beginners, in both cases the focus will be on body and partnership (programs below):

‘Rope Makes Sense’  (August 27th & 28th 2016)
‘Going Deeper’ (September 3rd & 4th 2016)

Tickets will be released to the mailing list Wednesday July 27th! More information about this here.

More about Kristina

Kristina Marlen works as a tantric dominatrix in Berlin. She studied law and later physiotherapy. She is also a yoga and movement teacher. Her teaching and practice is influenced by her background as dancer and performer.

Her rope work is built upon the multi-angled knowledge she accumulated from her different professions. Clear knowledge of the body and its mechanics, physical manipulation, kinesthetic pleasure, inspired by dance, a personal connection as well as a sense of composition and timing are the elements that carry her through a rope session.

For her, the experience is complete if precise technique is met by a sense of improvisation.

“This way, our bodies become sensual, receptive, and permeable for spontaneity. The perception is being sharpened, the curiosity is awakened and we open ourselves for strong as well as for subtle impulses, surrender, pain, intensity and lust.”

See you soon!

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