Thursday rope jam wrist bands :)

Last night we introduced our new Thursday Rope Jam wrist bands! On Thursdays our ‘House Cats’ wear red to indicate they are helpers in the studio (ask them anything from ‘where is the toilet paper’ to ‘what is shibari’), and yellow bracelets are for those who wish to indicate they’d like to be approached about doing rope! You still have to figure out on what end of the rope you’d like to be in 🙂

We are hoping this will make socialising a little easier for those who feel a bit shy or coming on their own <3

Did you enjoy this system yesterday? Let us know your thoughts 🙂


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  1. Hi.

    I would love to come and learn Shibari. I’m a complete beginner and want to be a rigger. Well I guess I’m a switch really but rigging is my priority. I visited once before on my own and a random guy ended up tying me in the KT? (The main first knot). Anyhow once I was tied I wasn’t happy with the way he was with me (but obviously could do nothing about it as I was tied). Is there any way you could have a band colour that represents members who are happy to tie & teach & who are known and trusted by Anatomie. Many thanks.

    1. Hi Belinda! Thank you for your comment and sorry to hear you had this experience in the studio! We try to be very clear about our policy on consent, communication, respect and negotiation, but unfortunately once in a while we get someone who just doesn’t get it.

      The wrist bands on Thursdays are meant to help with this by making it clear that members with red wrist bands are official helpers in the studio (i.e. trusted, safe, knowledgeable members of the space) – not just for logistical things like locating toilet paper, but they are also there to advise, support, give references if needed.

      People seemed to really like the idea yesterday and we will continue with it for the foreseeable future. We believe this will make it easier for newcomers and those who come on their own to navigate the space socially and pinpoint those people who are there to help should there be any issues.

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