Welcome to InkyLayla! Our new Drawn to Rope collaborating artist.

As many of you may know, Drawn to Rope co-creator, friend and artiste extraordinaire Dee Lu (aka, ‘SingingTree’) has taken up a job abroad and can no longer do our Drawn to Rope sessions. Although we are sad about his departure, we hear he is well and happy with his new life so we wish him all the luck!

This means we needed to find another collaborator for the event, and we have found one hell of an artist in our search – Layla or ‘InkyLayla‘ – and we are super delighted for her to be apart of this wonderful budding event.


InkyLayla’s twisting, abstract lines are informed by her experience using calligraphy and graffiti, partly gained during her years in the anarchic collaboration Collective-Era. Now based in the far east of London, her style is simplified and more focused, typically using just ink and water to conjure up lusty images of the female form. InkyLayla often draws inspiration from her encounters with Shoreditch strippers and the capital’s thriving fetish scene.

Website: inkylayla.com

In her own art, InkyLayla uses these wonderful splashes of colour that bring movement and life to the bodies she draws, and no doubt will be an inspiring force for any artist joining us for our shibari life-drawing sessions.

Our next Drawn to Rope takes place next Wednesday October 5th and we are thrilled to bring you two tradition Japanese Rope Bondage Artists from Japan: shibari artist Kazami Ranki and his model Tsukio. This means that this month’s one-of-a-kind session is really not to be missed!

Full details & ticket link here. Advance booking is highly recommended as over than half the tickets are now gone!

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