Ropey Halloween at Anatomie Studio!

Join us this Friday for a playful evening of ropes with Miss Eris and Maya Homerton a all the way from Spain!

Kinbaku After Dark is our monthly rope play evening (meaning there is no teaching of any kind and the evening is dedicated for playfulness with ropes rather than rope practice).

This month we have the pleasure to host two wonderful ladies who will be putting on two short Halloween themed rope shows to kick start the night! First Miss Eris will be performing with the luscious Maya Homerton, and then Miss Eris will be tying one our (fairly tall and muscular male) regulars at the studio! How does a 5’2 rigger suspend a 6’2 man in the air? Come find out!

Get your tickets here


Miss Eris and Maya Homerton are also teaching a very fabulous workshop on Saturday (1-7pm) called The Suspended Body where they will be teaching techniques for efficient and intelligent suspensions and suspension transitions. There will be lots of information on body management for both riggers and bottoms in order to achieve comfortable and smooth suspensions.


Event listing here.
Ticket link here.

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