‘Bones and Rope’ Hip Harness Video (2016)

In 2014 studio owners Fred and Anna released a video of the first version of the Bones & Rope hip harness. For the last year they have been promising people an updated version of the new hip harness, and finally here it is! The video includes multiple variations of the harness.

About the ‘Bones and Rope’ hip harness

The Bones & Rope hip harness is a modular harness designed for suspension and dynamic transitions.

Its key innovations are:

1) Doubled/reinforced stem and leg ‘branches’ for non-tightening leg loops
2) Modular design that can be adapted to different bodies

About the updated video

In this new video we present updated variations on the Bones & Rope hip harness.

The harness has two components:

– a ‘one rope’ component making up the skeleton of the harness
– a ‘two rope’ component for extra support to the hips.

The ‘one rope’ versions are fast to tie and can be used in suspension, but they give less support than the ‘two rope’ versions.


This video is not a tutorial, it is a demonstration.

We do not explain how to tie the harness, explain tensioning or frictioning. We also do no explain how to extend ropes, how to deal with left-over ropes or how to attach suspension mainlines.

Please do not attempt suspension rope bondage suspension without in person tuition.

For rope bondage classes in London, please check our studio’s website: www.anatomiestudio.com.

Stay safe and consensual!

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