A L C H E M I E – call for artists and photographers

Coming Spring 2017…


Call for photographer(s)

We are looking for photographers who can photograph this performance night. Must be able to work in low lighting and with movement. This is a paid gig.

Call for artists

If you are an artist or performer(installation art, music, dance, etc) interested in pushing boundaries and in working that fine space between the taboo and mainstream arts, we would love to hear from you. We are particularly interested in artists/performers who are interested (but not exclusively) in immersion, audience participation and interactive experiences.

You do not have to come from the shibari rope scene, if you are looking to incorporate rope, or work with the concept of binding, strings, chords (whether physically or conceptually), we are very interested in working with you.

For an example of artists whom we have worked with and whose work fits well with our vision, see Maisy Taylor, Ayumi LaNoire, Despina  Zacharopoulou and Glu Wur.

Our budget is not huge but this is a paid gig.

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