‘How do you learn rope? What about rope bottoming?’ – FREE #RopeTalk meet

#RopeTalk is a FREE lunch-hour monthly meet taking place every other month on Saturday before The Big Jam Rope Social (check our calendar for dates).

RopeTalk April 2017

Next #RopeTalk April 8th 2-3pm
Topic: “How do you learn rope? And bottoming?

We get asked this ALL the time. It sounds like a fairly simple question but… is it?

There are so many different ways in which people absorb knowledge and understand rope/bottoming – do you take notes? do you draw? Are videos helpful or do you learn by doing?

Are you an avid ‘workshopper’ or do you prefer less formal peer learning settings, or one on one sessions? Is there such a thing as ‘learning to be a rope bottom’? Are there resources, techniques, tips, tricks for learning that you find particularly helpful and would like to share?

Come along to this FREE meet, share, listen, ask, let’s discuss!

These sessions are open to the curious, the interested and the veteran alike and welcome everyone regardless of where you see yourself in the rope spectrum.

Past topics

February 2017

‘Shibari Hardware: When the Rope Breaks’

November 2016

‘The Dark Side of Rope: Feelings, Emotions, Taboos’

October 2016

‘A Brief History of Shibari’

September 2016

‘When the rope breaks (and other rope hardware truths)’

July 2016
‘The Neuroscience of Rope’

June 2016
‘Shame and Shibari’

May 2016

April 2016
‘Rope Tech’ – all you ever wanted to know about jute ropes but were too afraid to ask

March 2016
‘A Brief History of Shibari’

February  2016
‘Meet the gang!’ Q&A for riggers and models

January 2016
‘Rope Bottoming Talk’ with Clover and Wykd Dave

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