A L C H E M I E – presenting Amaury Grisel and Frankie Vega for the element Water

Mirror mirror on the wall…

Presenting our third element… WATER.

Amaury Grisel and his partner in crime Franckie Vega present their latest photo series and we are super excited to announce that Amaury will be our guest photographer for the evening!

Ticket link at : https://anatomiestudio.com/alchemie/
Event listing: https://www.facebook.com/events/1915625461990455/

* * *

“A long time ago I was a makeup artist, not out of love for cosmetics, but because I was always questioned by the figures and their reflections in the mirror. I quickly stopped the make-up by shame. So I soon realised that touching one face means touching the other, it’s much more intimate than sex. Besides, we kiss on the cheek certainly … But caress a face? It is finally more rare, this intimate moment with a person who is important to us. Some rare things because we have an instant of preservation towards that part of our face that is yet, and continuously, uncovered.

“I wanted to reiterate the experience through the photo. The photographer being my mirror and the ropes my makeup. I chose them because I found them humanly beautiful, because it seemed simpler to people with whom I have a strong attraction. This would have been impossible with strangers, impossible to touch them even with leather gloves. I needed to feel their trust, to lay my hands on them. Hands that despite the fact that I had covered them with a second skin in black leather, are both the last barrier of modesty and phantasmagoric object and transmitter between them and me.

“The jute and the string were, as it were, my excuse to extract their heads from their bodies, to appropriate them for a moment, individually or as a couple. A way of feeling them erotically, and living discreetly my fantasy. Couples it was harder to interfere, more delicate. Sometimes I felt embarrassed, but it was touching to realise that they were enough for themselves. They all came face to face as if to kiss the blow it created a bubble and it was difficult for my hands to find their place. Beyond the friendship that I bear them, they are also all that I find beautiful in their humanity, their couple, their body, their soul.”

* * *

Franckie Vega and Amaury Grisel met in 2014 and since then have never stopped working together on artistic projects, performances and creations.

For this series of photos, the authors invited their closest friends to pose and participated themselves as models or as self-portraits.

Franckie Vega (33) is a dynamic young woman full of creativity. She acts as artistic director, staging her body as means of expression. She wishes to show the most diverse sexualities without pretence.

Amaury Grisel (41) is a photographer and director. With his camera he explores the world and life. Through his work he advocates tolerance and diversity. He claims the influence of Nan Golding and Nobuyoshi Araki… He didn’t hesitate to participate as a model himself in his series.

May 5th - Amaury and Frankie - Water

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