‘The Third Rope’ – Pre-requisite for suspension! – This Sunday June 4th

Looking to move into suspension?
Then join us on Sunday to meet the pre-requisites!

Third rope variations on the Takate Kote can be as varied as the imagination allows, but before getting creative, it is important to learn the purpose and function of this rope.

In this very complete class, Fred Hatt and Anna Bones will first contextualise the Takate Kote in terms of the history of shibari, and explain the different ‘families’ or ‘styles’ of TK. You will learn step-by-step 3 third-rope patterns and variations within these patterns. Fred Hatt will give plenty of information about aesthetics, placement, anatomy and how to work around ‘obstacles’ such as uneven ends, joints in undesirable places, how to use up rope, etc. Anna Bones will provide plenty of important information for rope bottoms.

Don’t meet the pre-requisites for the class?
Join us for our next Takate Kote class June 14th!

We know it can be intimidating to step into a rope bondage class so the classes we host have been created to make you feel welcome, accepted and comfortable. Anatomie Studio is an inclusive female-friendly, kink-friendly, LGBTQ+ friendly space welcome of people of all colours, genders, orientations and background. Our events are friendly, welcoming and educational. For more information about our philosophy and values, see here, and for resources about getting tied, tying and rope in general, see here.

Ticket Link here.
Details & pre-requisites here.

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