A L C H E M I E // Special guest performance by Despina Zacharopoulou!

We are extremely excited to announce our third performance of the night by special guest Despina Zacharopoulou!

DESPINA July 14th

Despina Zacharopoulou is a London based performance artist focusing on creating experimental situations that negotiate our relation to alterity.

She holds a Master in Fine Arts, a Master in Visual Arts (Costume Design – Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts), a Msc in Architecture and a diploma in Architecture.

If you haven’t alreday, we highly recommend taking a look at Despina’s work, her performances are provoking to both the senses and the mind, with a strong focus on use of the body.

For A L C H E M I E, she will be presenting an original piece:

“Body. Flesh. Boundaries. Limits. Touching. Sensing. Response-ability.”

“In an important sense, in a breathtakingly intimate sense, touching, sensing, is what matter does, or rather, what matter is: matter is condensations of responses, of response- ability.”

This piece will involve audience participation (for those who wish you take part in the experience).

* * *

–>> Get your tickets today at www.anatomiestudio.com/alchemie

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