Fun facts! … About our custom steel trussing!

Here’s a little fun fact about our trussing: the trussing is composed of 3 arches connected by 8 additional trusses. The structure’s design was a collaborative effort by us, the trussing company and our friend Conor Scully.

It is a custom structure, made to fit perfectly along the curvature of the space while avoiding touching the walls. It is powder coated in a black mat finish.

The structure is designed to support 6 dynamic aerial circus acts simultaneously.
We hired a structural engineer company to work with the trussing company to finalise the design based on our needs. At its highest point the structure measures around 4.8 meters.

The structure is fully signed off by engineers and insured. (And yes… it cost us a fortune). The structure is technically ‘permanent’ but can be dismounted and transported.

We chatted to numerous circus performers about their industry standards regarding loading requirements. Using circus as a standard means we went well above and beyond in terms of safety for what we use in shibari and this opens the door for circus artists to use the space/hire the space.

It also means we are able to insure the space and the structure in ways we would never be able to with wood.

Additionally our black straps are rated for circus loads meaning they each support 4t (and 1.6t in the larks head configuration).


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