Togetherness Festival : teaching consent and power exchange to mainstream audiences

We’re sharing the below images from Togetherness Festival last year where Sophia and I (Anna) taught to a mainstream audience. There were about 160 people in the class, we had to use a microphone to teach as we introduced topics of kink, BDSM, rope and power exchange to people who had never thought about these topics and even to people who were skeptical about the topics. It was incredible, one of my favourite teaching moments, and Sophia was incredible as always.

One of the most striking differences between teaching within the rope or kink community and mainstream events is the awareness about consent. We really had to speak about this a lot more than we would normally have to in rope/kink communities. And even then there was a consent incident in our class which we had to address during the event.

It was definitely eye opening, challenging and immensely rewarding. We are super happy to be doing it again with Sophia at Togetherness Summer Festival.


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