Student review – “Learning the Ropes, Kink Classes at Anatomie Studio”

Wonderful review of our last ‘So You Want To Get Tied?’ class by one of the attendees! Read the full writing here!

“The workshop was described as being for beginners (but open to others with greater levels of experience also) so in the interactive discussions that followed we heard from many different perspectives – I’d expected the attendees to be mostly bottoms and submissives but there were several switches present, as well as some tops/riggers who wanted to explore the other side of the dynamic to inform their rigging approach or for their own personal journeys.

Anna was a very engaging presenter, whose own experience as a rope bottom and lately a rigger, allowed her to bring the material to life with anecdotes and experiences she was generous about sharing.”

“There were few firm ‘do’ and ‘don’t’ lessons – rather than saying “never do this”, the focus was on educating ourselves to be able to make informed decisions about our own appetite for risk and respecting the boundaries of others.”

Full article here.


One Reply to “Student review – “Learning the Ropes, Kink Classes at Anatomie Studio””

  1. The Anatomie Studio is a friendly place where people with interest in bondage can meet and exchange views-and get to tie each other up!. The fact there is not a heavy BDSM theme with associated dress is (IMHO) a big plus.

    I would recommend Anatomie Studio to anyone interested in bondage, but is put off by some of the themed venues that feature leather dress, or uniforms.

    There is a soft introduction to bondage for those who may be hesitant to visit such a establishment.

    Having discovered the Anatomie Studio recently, I shall most certainly be paying further regular visits.

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