New things… Videos!

We added a new section to our website with some lighthearted and simple videos! Ideal for those who have been to our beginner classes and looking to job their memory or simply for those looking for a bit of inspiration.

They are not tutorials, just videos of us tying basic ties and simple patterns that we’ve come up with and experimented with.

Check it out over here!

We will post more in the months to come so keep checking back. In the meantime, if you are new or not-so-new but want to brush up and build on your skills, join us for our Thursday beginners nights or book onto our courses over here.

There are many ways to tie a safe and solid Takate Kote (also referred to as Gote or Box Tie). Here Anna Bones ties the first rope of a Takate Kote as tied in our Takate Kote classes and beginners classes. This is a good revision video, if you’ve attended our classes and need a bit of a reminder. Aspects shown: placing the hands, tying the single column tie, placement of the top wrap and tying the X-friction. This isn’t a tutorial, lots of things aren’t being shown and it’s definitely not a tie worthy of suspension. Join our classes and learn it properly!

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