We stand in solidarity with the George Floyd protests and the black community worldwide.

We stand in solidarity with the George Floyd protests and the black community worldwide.

Some thoughts from Anatomie:

The rope and kink community in London is predominantly white, and while this is rapidly changing over the last few years, there is still a noticeable lack of diversity in images and educators that doesn’t reflect the changing demographics on the ground. We will certainly be paying close attention to our own role in closing the gap in this discrepancy, because visibility matters and representation matters.

Our premises are located in Peckham (London, UK), which is a predominantly black neighbourhood. We are a direct result of gentrification of the area, part of those slow waves of white folk with some money moving into ‘ethnically diverse’ boroughs of London. We are benefiting directly from the work and culture of black folk who have created the local markets, the shops, and have made this place into the vibrant and community orientated area that it is. We see you, and we are grateful to you. We will be thinking about how we can better contribute to local economy and support local black owned businesses in our area.

We are sharing below a list of UK based organisations that are geared towards helping the black community in the UK as well as organisations in the US that are helping protestors and victims of police brutality. This week we will be donating money to some of these organisations.

We appreciate that not everyone is a position to donate, so we also sharing anti-racist resources for white people which include books, movies, podcasts and articles that you can read.

We will be doing our homework, will you join us in doing the same?

1. A List of Anti Racism Resources –

2. Anti Racism Resources for White People –https://docs.google.com/…/1BRlF2_zhNe86SGgHa6-V…/mobilebasic

3. “UK anti-racism charities and organisations you can support right now” –

4. “How to donate to Black Lives Matter and the George Floyd memorial fund” –

5. “Black Organisations Supporting Young People” – http://blackeconomics.co.uk/…/black-organisations-support-…/

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