How do the new rules affect rope jams and events?

Due to how we have been running rope jams and events so far, we are already following the new rules coming in effect on Monday 14th.

The new rules stipulate that group gatherings are limited to a maximum of 6 people (previously the limit was 30), which is well above what we allow in the space since reopening.

See the government rules here.

Since reopening we host groups of 2 (occasionally 3) people in the space, socially distancing from other groups of 2-3 people – with a maximum of 24 booked attendees in the space.

The space is kept well ventilated and we have placed clear markings on the floor delineating 2 by 2 meter squares to facilitate social distancing. Masks are mandatory when entering and when moving around in the space. If you do not have your own, we can provide them for free.

There are a total of 11 large bottles of sanitiser throughout the space, and 6 large packets of Clinell disinfectant wipes which you are encouraged to use.

Furthermore, because of our pre-booking system, we are able to keep a record of who is attending our events. In the event that someone develops symptoms and notifies us, we would be able to notify those present at the same event.

Our Covid-19 guidelines are stated in all our event listings (which you can find here). They are as follow (slight variations depending on the event):

• Covid-19 guidelines

– Self-tying, partners and small groups welcome – self-tying or pre-arranged tying with partners/small groups (no bigger than 4) you have agreed to form bubbles with.

– Distancing – please maintain safe physical distance from others in the space (2 meters) in the studio. At the entrance please queue keeping distance, and wait until the changing area is empty to step in.

– Face coverings – please wear a mask when you are moving in the space, especially in the communal areas like entrance and kitchen. You can remove your mask when you are seated in your tying area.

– Symptoms – do not come if you or somebody you live with have symptoms, if you develop symptoms after coming to the studio please notify us right away so we can notify everyone that was at the studio. Refer to the NHS guidance to check your symptoms.

– Cleaning – hand sanitiser and antiseptic cleaning towels will be available throughout the studio, please use these to clean any surfaces you use.

– After you tie – we ask everyone to clean the floor they tied on before departing using the antiseptic cleaning towels we provide in the studio.

– BYOM(ug) – please remember to bring your own water bottles/tea or coffee mugs/containers to consume beverages/food in the studio.

For any questions, email us at

To book into a rope jam, it’s here.
To book into a class, it’s here.

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