Rope Fund and solidarity tickets

In 2021 we want to experiment with a new idea for the Studio: a Rope Fund. This will provide access to our workshops to those facing financial barriers to entry. The Rope Fund is partially funded by the studio and partially by your donations, and will allow us to allocate solidarity tickets to applicants for our Foundational Course Series as well as our in-house evening classes when these are back up and running again (TBA).

At the moment, donations to the fund are being collected via our ticket sales – when you purchase a ticket for any event, class or rope jam, you will have an option to donate to our Rope Fund, like so:

Applications for solidarity tickets can currently be made via our online form, and are completely private. Unless stated otherwise, applicant identities will not be disclosed online or in-person.

Our aim is to prioritise tickets going to people from minority groups, groups underrepresented in the rope scene, and those who would otherwise be unable to attend these courses due to financial barriers, in a bid to further facilitate access to quality rope education.

This is an experiment in trying to open the rope community to more people. If you have any suggestion on how to make this better, or any question, please email us at

We very much look forward to welcoming you when we reopen!

* Please note that we currently do not have dates for our in-person workshops, although you are welcome to apply. We will get in touch when we are back up and running.

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