Re(r)Opening Week! It’s finally here!

We are beyond excited to open our doors to the public again this summer after a year and half of partial closure (in fact we have been completely closed this year!). It’s our pleasure to welcome you all back during a celebratory Re(r)Opening Week (see what we did there?) commencing August 1st.

Tickets will be released on Monday July 12th at noon, so set your timers! The ticket link is over here.

Here’s the plan:

Anatomie Open Doors – August 01 2021

Sunday August 1st we’re running our first ever Open Doors event which is something of a meet and greet slash munch. It’s not a rope event, we just want to hang out, have a couple of drinks and show off the new face of the studio. We’ll have tables set up too, so feel free to BYOB.

Yep, that’s right, we’ve not just been watching Netflix all year! We’ve built walls, like actual insulated walls, a proper entrance complete with door (actually the door is also insulated, so we can be more relaxed about noise!), shelves, a lot of shelves, and more importantly, we have streamlined the main space so it’s more ‘user friendly’. The library is more accessible, there’s actual entrance where you can sit and enjoy a cup of tea as you people gaze.

If you’re new and want to have a first feel of the studio, this is a perfect occasion to come poke around and meet the faces of the studio, ask questions and see what we’re all about. If you’re a regular, you probably want to join too because the space has changed since you last visited! And also… we miss you!

Pre(r)Opening Jam – August 03 2021

Remember when we used to gather on Tuesdays and do rope and chat and hang out? Yep, we have a vague recollection too, so that’s what we’re doing! As has been tradition since opening in 2015, this jam is unstructured so there’s no instruction and no induction, so probably more suited to those who know their way around the ropes! If you are new, don’t worry, our regular beginners evenings are starting the following week, tickets will be released soon, so stay tuned! This is our first jam OF THE YEAR, so you’ll have bragging rights when you join.

“Press Play” Rope+Play – August 06 2021

Leave your practice books at home folks, this event is for letting go, letting loose, and getting kinky. Dress up or dress down, bring toys and make some (sexy) noise. Welcome (back) to our little playground! This evening’s flavour will be something in between a jam and a play party. Suitable for experienced players.

Rope Day – August 07 2021

Feeling like spending a casual, relaxed afternoon around ropes? Maybe practice some stuff you’ve learned online during lockdown? Or simply looking for a change of rope scenery? Super casual is the vibe of this rope event, perfect for a good wind down with friendly faces. There will be no instruction or induction, but if you are new, don’t worry, our regular beginners evenings are starting the following week, tickets will be released soon, so stay tuned!

For our Covid-19 policy, click here. For our Code of Conduct, it’s over here.

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