About our House Cats

Amy is a SE London based Artist/cowboy. An occasional latex designer, they has a love for the filthy whether it be people or practices. They are new to rope and Anatomie, working here since the beginning of 2021. A rope switch, they find inspiration in the ways rope can be sexy, silly and saccharine. As life presses restart they are looking forward to expanding their rope skills, making new friends, and launching their nonprofit kink collective Aimless Gallery, with its ethically sourced kink shop and inclusive kink nights, to support LGBTQIA and surrounding communities.

Anna Noctuelle discovered Shibari 15 years ago and has worked with this art form as a model, performer and teacher from inside the ropes. With her background in classical ballet and as a passionate yoga student, Anna has exceptional body awareness skills in ropes and suspension. Her background in classical dance and her spiritual practice influence her aesthetic and philosophical approach to Shibari. She believes that kinbaku is a dance of the soul that can teach you life, vision and maybe even wisdom.

Goddessinrope (she/her) started her rope journey in 2016 when she began exploring her kinky side with the vague notion that restraint could be fun. She initially discovered Shibari privately then visited the studio and the rest is history! A bottom leaning rope switch, she is often found in the studio being tied (very occasionally tying), treating rope as one of our Shibari Store team members, or co-teaching beginners classes or workshops. As a bottom she enjoys a variety of styles of tying, from floor work to suspension, technical practice rope to more playful and painful ties. As a rigger she enjoys exploring ways to surprise her bottom and get a reaction from them. She enjoys teaching beginner rope and has performed several times including a performance for Athens Shibari.

Kaoru Neve (she/her) has been practicing shibari since 2016 on a journey of self-discovery and connection. What started as a way to open to her kinky side, later rope gave her a language to express technique, feelings, creativity, and intimacy. For her, the charm of rope is in its potential to open to a multitude of experiences: the intimate moment between two or more people, the aesthetic expression of a photo, the research of elegant techniques, the highlight of the natural beauty of bodies, the meditative moment of subspace, the immersive experience of a performer, the connection of a community, the silly laughter between friends, the exploration of boundaries, the discovery of a new body, the personal journey of self-discovery, and beyond. This is what she is passionate about in her teachings. Not a dogmatic perspective, but an opening of possibilities. She cares about the personal ‘why’, and she uses her skills in education and psychology to support everyone: she gives particular care to the learning approach of the student and how she can support the individual style and growth, allowing it to blossom with awareness. Kaoru brings to rope an aesthetic sense based on the principle of “form follows function”. Her style is very curiosity driven: the deconstruction and exploration of techniques is a way to lay a safe foundation that allows her to try more things and find different paths to keep her journey going. Ultimately, she has found in rope a powerful way to connect to others — individuals and community — and she wants to spread that joy.

Petite Pretzel is a rope switch from New York. She has worked at Anatomie Studio London since 2019 after falling in love with the art form in 2015. She enjoys teaching shibari as well as being on both sides of the ropes. Her rigging has appeared in music videos and feature films. Her commercial work includes music video credits for Charli XCX and Christine and the Queens. She misses performing and hopes to take it up again #whenthisisallover. Her favourite thing about shibari is that you can never know everything about it; she pledges to never stop learning.

Femmel Fatal (she/her) is a circus artist and aspiring graphic designer from the Middle East, laying down roots in East London. An active participant in the scene since 2019, she began treating ropes for Anatomie’s Shibari Store, modelling for classes, as a teaching assistant for rope bottoms and as a House Cat. A fetishist with a panache for bondage and the intensity it fosters, her rope experience is primarily based as a rope bottom. Endearingly named an “accidental rigger”, her skill set has grown to include tying. The planets aligned when meeting her Cosmic Twinn while working for the studio, they can usually be found joined at the hip. Post apocalypse she is eager to rekindle connections and continue exploring Semenawa. Femmel is keen to use her artistic skills and knowledge to give back to the individuals/non-profits in kink, LGBTQIA+, and BIPOC communities that have supported and inspired her.

Violet Jane has been obsessed with rope for the last five years. She practices regularly at Anatomie Studio in London, where she is a house cat helper and teaching assistant. Over time, she has moved from spending more time as a model to more time as a rigger but she still enjoys both sides of the rope. Her favourite thing about rope is the people she practices with. But she also likes movement, stasis, pain, intensity, angles, emotions, ritual, and suspensions. Violet Jane enjoys learning and regularly attends rope workshops in Europe. Her influences include GluWur, Bones & Rope, pop music & TV. Violet Jane enjoys performing and has performed at Anatomie Studio, Torture Garden and Royal Vauxhall Tavern.

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