Risk and Reward: Do you know your kinky risk profile?

Having an idea of your attitude to risk can be a super helpful part of exploration. Knowing that you are someone who is likely to jump in with two feet and worry about the consequences after is useful information: it can help you consciously create a support network, which might simply look like a few friends that you commandeer to use as sounding boards.

Should we Use Safe Words in Shibari?

Traditionally, safe words are used to slow down or pause play. This works pretty well for the most part. Popular safe words are words that aren’t often used in play (such as “pineapple”, although no shame to those of you who do incorporate pineapples into your play) or graded systems, like numerical scales or traffic lights.

Nine Unexpected Positives of Choosing Shibari As your Next Hobby

Often when we start out with something new, we have some idea of what the benefits of it might be. However, there are almost always advantages that come as surprise bonuses. 

So here are a few reasons why we think shibari should be your 2023 hobby of choice.

Introducing The Wheel of Consent: When “Hell yes!” and “No way,” just aren’t enough.

However well we align with our partners, it’s unlikely that we are able to say an enthusiastic, “Hell yes!” to every single thing they enjoy, every single time they want to do it. Enter: The Wheel of Consent.

Talking Shibari: a guide to rope-related vocabulary

Learning shibari can feel like learning a new language. Here’s our guide to the most common rope-related words you are likely to hear as you start out. Roles in rope Rigger The rigger is the person who does the tying. Some people prefer to use the word “Rope Top”, not to be confused with “Dominant”,Continue reading “Talking Shibari: a guide to rope-related vocabulary”

What Skills and Qualities Should a Good Rope Teacher Have?

In my past life I was a primary school teacher. I quit a few years ago to pursue other interests, but I always said that teaching was in my soul. And what do you know? Here I am, embarking on a whole other teaching journey: teaching shibari to adults. As a trained teacher, I amContinue reading “What Skills and Qualities Should a Good Rope Teacher Have?”

11 Tips to Help you Get Really Good at Tying

You’ve tried a taster class, but what next? Maybe you’ve been tying at home for a while, learning from YouTube videos and improvising, but don’t feel confident attempting suspension yet. When you watch other people suspending, they make it look effortless, and wondering how. Here are 11 tips on how to get really good at tying.