1, 2, 3…. Shibari! A better, more exciting year starts here!

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A better more exciting year starts here… Learn Shibari with us in 2018! 

In 2018 we have more, better and more diverse classes than ever!

Total newbie? Not sure where to start? We’ve got you! Every Thursday we host a beginners Rope Jam where you can learn the basics and make friends for £10 per person (tea, coffee and ropes included). If you’re looking for structured classes, we have a semi-regular full weekend workshop called Discover Shibari, as well as a myriad of classes open to beginners and all levels.

On a deadline to become an expert? We can help too. We have a set of 3 progressive courses that’ll take you from zero to suspensions and transitions. If the schedule doesn’t work out for you, we occasionally provide private one-on-one tuition.

Flying solo? You don’t need a partner to join our Rope Jams and Community ClassesSome workshops have individual tickets on sale too. If you want to find a partner, come to a Rope Jam and get to know your community.

On a budget? Our Community Classes are pay-what-you-can donation based and most of our evening classes cost under £50 (for two). And ourRope Jams cost as little as £8 per person.

Don’t meet the pre-requisites for classes? That’s cool! Most of our workshops in 2018 are open to all levels. Our Community Classes also don’t pre-requisites, neither do our Rope Jams. But if you want to learn the pre-requisites for the advanced classes, you can for as a little as £45.

Just want to watch? That’s possible too! We have a monthly life-drawing evening called Drawn to Rope for the artists out there and regular performance nights for the curious. Our Rope Jams are also a good place to sit back and enjoy the view over a cup of tea (it’s free).

For a complete list of our 2018 events, check out our calendar over here.

For a list of upcoming events and workshops see below!

Rope Jams 2018 - Thursdays
Beginners Rope Jams (with taster class) | Link here.
Shibari By Night Kinoko 2018
Performance Night featuring Hajime Kinoko and Maya Homerton | Ticket link here.
Kinoko Performance WS 2018
Performance Workshop with Hajime Kinoko | Ticket link here.
Takedwon WS Christian Red 2018
Takedown workshop with Christian Red & Entwined Star | Ticket link here.
The Takate Kote 2017 - New
The Takate Kote (Crash Course) | Ticket link here.
Kristina Marlen 2018
Ropes in Motion with Kristina Marlen | Ticket link here.
Fly More! Soptik Noctuelle Augist 2017 copy
Workshop with Barkas and Addie | Ticket link here.

Shibari Showcase 2017! What a night!

We are so proud and overwhelmed with the quality and the standards of the shibari performances we witnessed at this year’s annual showcase! All performers – who are either our students and members of our community – went on stage to perform in rope for the first time, and simply blew our minds!

Performances ranged from theatrical, to intimate, they made us laugh, cry, feel things and showed a variety of dynamics, levels of play and intimacy. Just simply WOW.

Here are some of the highlights of the night. Photos by Anna Bones.

DJfet & RESPECT performing with no music and one single rope.


BurgundyRose & Anonymous’ super sexy and playful dynamic performance, complete with flower petal drop!


Our own House Cat ‘knot my name’ performing with Stephani Lythe in floaty dancy fabric.


SLUGS! Need I say more? ‘Slug’ performing a solo self-suspension act.


Guest presenter shibari workshops January – March 2018

Plan your year! Details and tickets will be announced in the coming months, if you want to receive notofications of ticket releases, subscribe to out mailing list by emailing ‘Subcribe’ to anatomie.studio@gmail.com.

Here’s some dates for the calendar so you can start planning your year!

We will offer workshops for all levels as well as for the more advanced crowd with each of these presenters. Stay tuned for full details of workshop programs, exact times, pre-requisites and prices!

Event listings will be added in the next month, but for now, note these in your diaries!

Guest: Fuoco (USA)

Bottoming workshop with Fuoco (February 18 1-7pm)

Community Class: ‘Flexibility for Dummies’ (February 21, 7-10:30pm)


Guest: Kristina Marlen (Berlin)

Going Deeper with Kristina Marlen (February 24-25 1-7pm)


Guest: Barkas & Addie (Canada)

Workshop with Barkas & Addie (March 24-25-26 1-7pm)


2018 Rope Jam and Study Group dates

All our rope jam dates, including our beginners rope jams, The Big Jam and our mid-week rope jam dates are now listed and announced on Facebook!

We have also added dates for our Study Group sessions, which are becoming increasingly popular!

Please note we are raising our prices in 2018:

Weekday rope jams will be £8 per person, except the beginners jam which will go up to £10 per person (or £8 after 9pm – after the class). The Big Jam will be £15 per person and the Study Group £20 per pair/couple. This will greatly help us to maintain the high quality of teaching we have in the studio, especially on beginners nights, as it ensures we can pay our instructors for their time and dedication.

Rope Jams 2018Rope Jams 2018 - ThursdaysRope Jams 2018 - Big JamStudy Group

Anatomie Studio at Peckham Festival 2017

We are very pleased that we’ll be part of this year’s Peckham Festival!

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 13.20.59

Anna Bones and Fred Hatt​, of Anatomie Studio are London based shibari artists who enjoy challenging the perceptions of what Japanese Rope Bondage can be and the people who practice it.

“Through the medium of jute ropes and other materials (such as fabric and ribbons) they create visual imagery of objects and people in ropes that challenge some of the misconceptions around shibari.

“Empowerment, feminism, consent, diversity, partnership, artistic expression and aspects of body representation are common themes in their work.The popularisation of shibari in recent years has meant that shibari is moving beyond its taboo origins and developing into an art form in its own right.

“In shibari the model is the canvas, the rope is the paint and brush, and the rigger is the rope artist.”

More information HERE.

Fly! Intro to Suspension : Learn the art of shibari suspension with Fred Hatt & Anna Bones!

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Want to learn the art of shibari suspensions from one of the best in Europe?
Join us in August!

Studio owners Fred and Anna have been tying together since 2013 and regularly teach & perform inside and outside the UK.

Their foundational classes at Anatomie Studio are unparalleled in terms of the depth, detail and technical information offered. Their classes focus as much on the ‘how’ as well as the ‘why’ behind everything they do in rope. Fred and Anna work as a team so their classes have as much information for riggers as they do for rope bottoms.

Their teaching style has been described as compassionate, approachable, extremely detailed and bottom aware.

For more information about Fred and Anna see their website here:

For more details about the workshop’s program including pre-requisites please see our Facebook listing here.

To book onto this weekend workshop, it’s right over here.
For a complete list of all our workshops, see here.

Community Class Nº5 – ‘The View from the Bottom’ by Anna Noctuelle


Our 5th Community Class session will be taking place on August 9th and will be led by Noctuelle!


This session will be for all levels and will focus on bottoming specifically – beginners and newbies especially welcome. You are welcome to bring your own rigger, we will also have some of the Anatomie crew on hand as volunteer riggers for anyone who would like this for some of the exercises.

Community Classes are ‘pay-what-you-can’ sessions (cash on the day) and to participate we ask that you reserve a spot (free) online over HERE.

For questions please email us at anatomie.studio@gmail.com

See you soon!

‘Contemporary Rope Bondage’ – #RopeTalk (FREE) by Iris Ordean – August 2017

#RopeTalk August 2017

Iris is doing a doctoral research projects on Shibari at Durham University and she will be joining us on August 12th to share her thoughts and findings on the subject of ‘contemporary shibari’.

Event listing HERE | More info HERE

“My doctoral project aims to analyse the contemporary cultural practice of rope bondage using a collaborative approach. I am interested in building up a research project focused on the practitioners’ own perspective, looking at how the practice has mutated from Japanese contexts into European contexts, understanding how it is currently evolving, and exploring how those who do rope construct their identities.

“At Anatomie Studio I will talk a little bit about my journey so far, and discuss the findings and frameworks I have come across in (academic) literature. I will explain a little bit what I wish to accomplish by using a collaborative approach, how it works and how I plan to make it happen.”

Come along to this FREE meet, share, listen, ask, let’s discuss!

More information here: https://anatomiestudio.com/ropetalk/

These sessions are open to the curious, the interested and the veteran alike and welcome everyone regardless of where you see yourself in the rope spectrum.

#RopeTalk this Saturday June 10th 2-3pm – FREE event, open to ALL

We invite you to join us this Saturday June 10th for our bi-monthly FREE #RopeTalk!

#RopeTalk is a FREE lunch-hour monthly meet taking place every other month on Saturday before The Big Jam Rope Social (check our calendar for dates).

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 00.05.08

June #RopeTalk Topic: ‘How to asses the skill and competence of your rigger/bottom/teacher’

In an ever growing shibari world, there are more and more people tying, bottoming and teaching. However unlike other activities, there are typically no formal accreditations, so how do you know you’re tying or being taught by someone skilled who knows their stuff? What do you look out for, and what questions do you ask to asses this?

Come along to this FREE meet, share, listen, ask, let’s discuss!

These sessions are open to the curious, the interested and the veteran alike and welcome everyone regardless of where you see yourself in the rope spectrum.

Past topics

April 2017

‘How do you learn rope? And rope bottoming?’

February 2017

‘Shibari Hardware: When the Rope Breaks’

November 2016

‘The Dark Side of Rope: Feelings, Emotions, Taboos’

October 2016

‘A Brief History of Shibari’

September 2016

‘When the rope breaks (and other rope hardware truths)’

July 2016
‘The Neuroscience of Rope’

June 2016
‘Shame and Shibari’

May 2016

April 2016
‘Rope Tech’ – all you ever wanted to know about jute ropes but were too afraid to ask

March 2016
‘A Brief History of Shibari’

February  2016
‘Meet the gang!’ Q&A for riggers and models

January 2016
‘Rope Bottoming Talk’ with Clover and Wykd Dave