On our impending move and cultivating patience!

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Here’s a little update on the move to the new studio as deadlines approach:

Moving date?

Our custom steel frame and mezzanine are likely to be installed on the last week of May/first week of June (woohoo!!). We do not however have an exact date for the installation so we cannot yet announce a specific move date.

Until further notice we will keep running all Rope Jams at the old location. Some classes however may be held at the new location – this will be made clear via EMAIL so if you have a paid ticket or a community class ticket please check your emails a day or two before the classes to get confirmation on the location. The new location is about 15minutes walk from the old location so even if you go to the wrong place, you’ll be able to find your way easily to the new location 🙂

Setting expectations

Because the date of the final move is still uncertain as of yet, and we don’t want to get stuck moving everything at the very last minute, over the next 2 weeks we will be moving more things from the current location into the new space. We would like to ask for your patience during this transitional period as things may not run as smoothly while we figure things out ourselves. Things might be missing or misplaced and we might not have all the answers to everything right away, we will make mistakes!

How can you help?

We would like to ask for some patience and understanding! If you see something that needs to be done, you can offer to help, if you notice we have forgotten something, you can remind us, if you have useful suggestions, speak up 🙂

How will things change?

Although the location will be different and the space larger, we will be keeping the same ethos and vibe (the living room vibe) in the new space, with the same etiquette and attitude. We would like to invite all of our regular members to help us keep the same culture in the space moving forward!


As you’re probably aware, our new space in a railway arch. This means strict rules about smoking, so we won’t be able to allow people to congregate outside the main entrance to smoke and will kindly ask the smokers to walk down the passage next to the train station to smoke. We will have to be quite strict about this, and will also ask the regulars to help us out with this.

The address?

The address will be made public once we have a specific move date, in the meantime it will be emailed to those who have purchased tickets for events that are taking place at the new location.

More soon!

Thank you for reading,


April Dry Hires! Limited offer!

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Are you looking for a blank canvas for a photo or video project? Get in touch!

During April rates for our new space are £200 for the day (8hours) or £100 half day (4 hours). The space has a kitchen and bathroom with running water, concrete floors and brick wall as shown in the photo. It is a 2 mins walk away from cafes, restaurants and a Tesco and restaurants.

Email us for enquiries and bookings!

We did it! We are moving!

It is with extreme pleasure and excitement that we can finally announce that we are moving!

As of March 20th 2018, we have signed the lease on a new space in Queens Road Peckham. The space is a 1200 sq ft railway arch with its own bathroom and kitchen. The venue is street level so it is also wheelchair accessible.

The space is located a 2 min walk away from Queen Road Peckham station which is on the overground network. It is one train stop away from London Bridge and two stops away from Canada Water (Jubilee Line). Both Peckham Rye station and New Cross gate stations are a 15mins walking distance (or you can take a short bus). Take a look at the map here for transport connections. The studio is also a 5 min walk away from a Tesco, and various coffee shops, restaurants and pubs.

The space ticks all the boxes regarding location, price, and proximity to shops and the main road. Additionally it is self-contained (with own bathroom and kitchen) and with proper electrical power and insulation.

Our fundraiser is below, we need all the help we can get to kick start the space in the best possible way. Any little helps to reach our goal. The money will be used to build a structure for our suspension work & photography. We are currently in touch with companies regarding estimates.



Thank you for your patience and for your support!

Feel free to share away and spread the word 


Shibari Store – A new t-shirt design, more rope kits and faster delivery times!

We’re happy to say we’re working hard on our online Shibari Store for you – here’s what we’ve been up to:

• We’ve added more rope kits and sets to make choosing ropes and gear even easier,
• We’re also super excited about our new beautiful t-shirt and tank top design commissioned from Chantilly Mace,
• We’ve been working hard to make sure we’re always well stocked up!
• And we’ve streamlined our service to get you faster deliveries

Here are some of the goodies we’ve got in stock for you:

‘Try Me’ Set | Buy
1 Anatomie Rope, 1 t-shirt OR tank top, 1 EMT shears


Super Beginner Set | Buy
2 Anatomie Ropes, 1 EMT shears, 1 tutorial book


Rope Lovers Kit | Buy
4 Anatomie Ropes, 1 Treatment paste, 1 EMT shears, 1 Tote bag, 1 tutorial book


‘Traditional’ Kit | Buy
8 Anatomie Ropes, 1 Furoshiki fabric (1m x 1m) for bundling up ropes

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 21.27.27

Furoshiki | Buy
1m x 1m fabric to bundle up ropes in a more traditional way


T-shirts, Tank Tops, Bags & Tote bags | Buy

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 21.43.10

For more products visit www.ShibariStore.com or buy in store on your next visit to the studio!

Anatomie in the Metro!

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Anna Bones runs Anatomie Shibari studio with her partner Fred Hatt.

‘I discovered ropes in 2013 and fell head over heels in love with it.

‘I met my partner at my first ever rope event and we’ve been together ever since. We’ve been teaching and performing internationally since 2014 and opened our own venue in 2015.

‘There’s an ever growing interest in learning shibari.

‘Our mission is primarily education and we’re focused on the teaching of shibari knowledge, with regular workshops from total beginner to advanced skills.

‘Being a female-led space, we seek to empower our audience and students when it comes to their bodies and their sexuality by giving them the vocabulary and tools to work with that go beyond just the ropes.

‘Our clientele ranges from young to old, of all genders and ethnicities and all shapes and sizes. ‘Some come with partners, some alone – it’s very easy to make friends and find partners to tie with during the socials and rope jams.’

Read the full article here.

1, 2, 3…. Shibari! A better, more exciting year starts here!

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A better more exciting year starts here… Learn Shibari with us in 2018! 

In 2018 we have more, better and more diverse classes than ever!

Total newbie? Not sure where to start? We’ve got you! Every Thursday we host a beginners Rope Jam where you can learn the basics and make friends for £10 per person (tea, coffee and ropes included). If you’re looking for structured classes, we have a semi-regular full weekend workshop called Discover Shibari, as well as a myriad of classes open to beginners and all levels.

On a deadline to become an expert? We can help too. We have a set of 3 progressive courses that’ll take you from zero to suspensions and transitions. If the schedule doesn’t work out for you, we occasionally provide private one-on-one tuition.

Flying solo? You don’t need a partner to join our Rope Jams and Community ClassesSome workshops have individual tickets on sale too. If you want to find a partner, come to a Rope Jam and get to know your community.

On a budget? Our Community Classes are pay-what-you-can donation based and most of our evening classes cost under £50 (for two). And ourRope Jams cost as little as £8 per person.

Don’t meet the pre-requisites for classes? That’s cool! Most of our workshops in 2018 are open to all levels. Our Community Classes also don’t pre-requisites, neither do our Rope Jams. But if you want to learn the pre-requisites for the advanced classes, you can for as a little as £45.

Just want to watch? That’s possible too! We have a monthly life-drawing evening called Drawn to Rope for the artists out there and regular performance nights for the curious. Our Rope Jams are also a good place to sit back and enjoy the view over a cup of tea (it’s free).

For a complete list of our 2018 events, check out our calendar over here.

For a list of upcoming events and workshops see below!

Rope Jams 2018 - Thursdays
Beginners Rope Jams (with taster class) | Link here.
Shibari By Night Kinoko 2018
Performance Night featuring Hajime Kinoko and Maya Homerton | Ticket link here.
Kinoko Performance WS 2018
Performance Workshop with Hajime Kinoko | Ticket link here.
Takedwon WS Christian Red 2018
Takedown workshop with Christian Red & Entwined Star | Ticket link here.
The Takate Kote 2017 - New
The Takate Kote (Crash Course) | Ticket link here.
Kristina Marlen 2018
Ropes in Motion with Kristina Marlen | Ticket link here.
Fly More! Soptik Noctuelle Augist 2017 copy
Workshop with Barkas and Addie | Ticket link here.

Shibari Showcase 2017! What a night!

We are so proud and overwhelmed with the quality and the standards of the shibari performances we witnessed at this year’s annual showcase! All performers – who are either our students and members of our community – went on stage to perform in rope for the first time, and simply blew our minds!

Performances ranged from theatrical, to intimate, they made us laugh, cry, feel things and showed a variety of dynamics, levels of play and intimacy. Just simply WOW.

Here are some of the highlights of the night. Photos by Anna Bones.

DJfet & RESPECT performing with no music and one single rope.


BurgundyRose & Anonymous’ super sexy and playful dynamic performance, complete with flower petal drop!


Our own House Cat ‘knot my name’ performing with Stephani Lythe in floaty dancy fabric.


SLUGS! Need I say more? ‘Slug’ performing a solo self-suspension act.


2018 Rope Jam and Study Group dates

All our rope jam dates, including our beginners rope jams, The Big Jam and our mid-week rope jam dates are now listed and announced on Facebook!

We have also added dates for our Study Group sessions, which are becoming increasingly popular!

Please note we are raising our prices in 2018:

Weekday rope jams will be £8 per person, except the beginners jam which will go up to £10 per person (or £8 after 9pm – after the class). The Big Jam will be £15 per person and the Study Group £20 per pair/couple. This will greatly help us to maintain the high quality of teaching we have in the studio, especially on beginners nights, as it ensures we can pay our instructors for their time and dedication.

Rope Jams 2018Rope Jams 2018 - ThursdaysRope Jams 2018 - Big JamStudy Group


We’ve been super lucky this year participating in so many cool projects! We don’t always post the end results on this blog, but we have more on our personal website at www.bonesandrope.com!

We leave you here with these gorgeous images from an inspiring collaboration with Ayumi LaNoire and Russell Higton earlier this year!

Presented by Ayumi LaNoire
Photographed by Russell Higton
Bounded by Fred Hatt
Hairstyles by Dani Metcalf


Anatomie Studio at Peckham Festival 2017

We are very pleased that we’ll be part of this year’s Peckham Festival!

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 13.20.59

Anna Bones and Fred Hatt​, of Anatomie Studio are London based shibari artists who enjoy challenging the perceptions of what Japanese Rope Bondage can be and the people who practice it.

“Through the medium of jute ropes and other materials (such as fabric and ribbons) they create visual imagery of objects and people in ropes that challenge some of the misconceptions around shibari.

“Empowerment, feminism, consent, diversity, partnership, artistic expression and aspects of body representation are common themes in their work.The popularisation of shibari in recent years has meant that shibari is moving beyond its taboo origins and developing into an art form in its own right.

“In shibari the model is the canvas, the rope is the paint and brush, and the rigger is the rope artist.”

More information HERE.