Summer Shibari Showcase 2018 – performance night for first time shibari performers!

Thank you all who joined us last Friday for our Summer Shibari Showcase evening featuring 1st time performers! All the shows were incredible, showcasing a variety of dynamics, tying flavours and techniques from all over the UK (from Edinburgh to Brighton!).

Thank you so much for making this yet another memorable and emotional night!

QuartzQunt & GaelleGote

Genktastic & Illume

AviRope & Becsposhfingers

TrojanPrincess & Dragonbab

MissEmphasis & KnotCreature

A L C H E M I E // Welcoming guest performer HEDWIG (Sweden)

“There is no document of civilisation that is not a document of barbarism and there is no beach that is not also a graveyard.”

Hedwig July 14th

On July 14th we welcome the inspiring Hedwig (Sweden) to our stage. Together with Sophia, they will exploring themes of human powerlessness, inaction and apathy through the medium of rope.

About Hedwig

Hedwig is a queer feminist, poly, switch femme, born and raised in Sweden. She moved to London in 2007, returned to Sweden in 2012.

Hedwig is passionate about communication, rope bondage, safer sex and consent culture, about redressing notions of power, physical sensations, vulnerability, dominance and submission, gender and communities working together. She hopes to bring rope bondage to a larger audience as a way to gain more body awareness, work on interpersonal communication and offer different routes to pleasure and surrender.

As an educator, she focus on the mutual experience, embracing a inclusive and open atmosphere where the topics at hand are approached both with respect as well as a sense of humour.

As a performer, she invites the audience to become a part of a story that might question some of that which we take for granted, such as what is considered to be beautiful, or the powerful structures in our societies that affect our everyday lives.

Hedwig is a former member of the crew of Peer Rope London, current member of the crew of Peer Rope Malmö, and founding member and grand poobah of Hitchin’ Bitches. Hitchin’ Bitches is an international network for female identified riggers and rope tops with over 40 chapters over the world.

In 2011Hedwig wrote her undergraduate thesis on Shibari, and is currently pursuing an academic career, while being active as a sex educator, activist and generally being a pain in the butt of patriarchy.


About Sophia

Sophia is a London based shibari model and cat mama. Lover of open minds, equality and freedom of expression, Sophia is an active member of the London rope community as an education, performer and Anatomie Studio helping house cat.


Next event: Friday July 14 2017 | Event listing here | Ticket link here

A L C H E M I E // The Revolution

They say politics and rope don’t mix… so we’re mixing them…


Anna Noctuelle and MnR present…

‘Sacrificing of Europa’

In this piece Anna Noctuelle and MnR give voice to their feelings concerning Brexit and the recent political developments in Europe and the world by making their ropes political for this charged and highly topical performance.

Next event: Friday July 14 2017 | Event listing here | Ticket link here

About the performers:

Anna Noctuelle discovered Shibari over a decade ago and her background in classical dance influences her approach as a rope performer. She regards Shibari as a complete art form and is passionate about rope modelling – in fact she belongs to the endangered species of people who don’t switch… just yet. As a former ballet dancer and current yoga addict, Noctuelle has got phenomenal body awareness skills and has recently started sharing and teaching her insights from inside the ropes.

MnR first discovered shibari in 2014 and this quickly evolved into a love affair with ropes. MnR found a special place in the warm and welcoming London rope community. He loves learning, practicing and connecting with people and attends many rope workshops in the studio and also abroad. He has been a regular at Anatomie Studio since it opened and quickly became an essential member of the studio.

OPEN HOUSE [FREE] – Friday May 19th – Ballet, Shibari, Jewellery, Bubbly and Prize Draws….


Dear all,

You are cordially invited to our Open House event on May 19th. We will be providing a glass of complimentary bubbly, showcasing two performances and and exhibiting Anna Noctuelle‘s shibari inspired jewellery collection Close Ties!

There will be also plenty of opportunity to mingle, socialise and discover the studio and its thriving community.

Whether you are curious about what we do or are an avid regular, we invite you to join us on this evening. It’s completely free!

Announcing our First Performance: Ballet meets Shibari

One of the most memorable performances to ever take place in the studio was one by Fred Hatt and Anna Noctuelle, where they merged ballet with shibari in a short and sweet piece called Dr Coppelius.


This performance produced some of our most shared photos and also inspired our studio logo:

For this reason, we are extremely excited to announce that Fred Hatt and Anna Noctuelle will be performing a reworked and repolished version of this piece for our OPEN HOUSE on Friday!

Event Listing :

“Exploring the relationship between ballet and rope, Anna Noctuelle and Fred Hatt borrow from ETA Hoffmann’s tale “The Sandman” and the ballet “Coppélia” that centres around a doll brought to life by the alchemist Dr Coppelius.”

“This short and sweet piece merges ballet and ropes. Breaking away from tradition, in which the ropes are there to bind, here Fred‘s ropes are a source of liberation, allowing our puppet ballerina to dance freely as she comes to life.”

Announcing our Second Performance: Is it still Shibari if there are no ropes?



“Let’s suppose that you were able every night to dream
any dream you wanted to dream

And you would naturally – as you begin on this adventure of dreams – fulfil all your wishes.

You can begin to feel your own existence as absolute fundamental to what you are


Deep deep down,

Far far in,

Is simply the fabric and structure of existence itself.”

– Dreams by Nuages

Performing for the first time together, studio owner Anna Bones and ‘house cat’ Sophia will share some of their latest fabrications with you.

Is it still shibari if there are no ropes involved…?

Let’s find out together.

FABRICATED DREAMS is a collaborative piece created out of love, curiosity and exploration of materials and movement, developed over time between Anna Bones and Sophia.

Presenting “Close Ties”: A Shibari inspired jewellery collection by Anna D’Alessandro

“Close Ties” – a shibari inspired jewellery collection – tells the story about a bond. A bond between two people. A bond between body and soul. Bond so intense it doesn’t need words. A bond that communicates via the tension and the spirit that lives in the space between closeness and distance, warmth and coldness, embrace and rejection, restriction and freedom, pleasure and pain. “Close Ties” is about the nuances of this dance that defines ourselves and the relationships we have – with ourselves and with others.

15% off all pieces from our “Close Ties” collection on Friday’s OPEN HOUSE!

Anna is a London based jewellery designer with an innate gift for seeking all things beautiful and finding beauty in all things. She comes from an Austrian-German background with a long-standing tradition in jewellery and she established her own label to create jewellery that reflect her vision of beauty. All pieces are handmade in Europe and combine the highest level of craftsmenship with unique elegance and a passion for detail down to the smallest of elements.

You can grab a FREE ticket here:

Ticket holders will be able to enter our prize draw.

Prize Draw

We have a total of 8 prizes to give away – Only those who are present at the OPEN HOUSE will be eligible for the prizes (i.e. if you grabbed a free RSVP ticket but don’t come to the event you won’t be entered into the draw).

2 x Entry to our ‘Discover Shibari’ class (entry for two people)

2 x Entry to our ‘Takate Kote’ class (entry for two people)

2 x Discount Voucher: 20% off on our Shibari Store products

2 x ‘Miumi-U Teaches Japanese Shibari’ Books

A L C H E M I E – presenting Amaury Grisel and Frankie Vega for the element Water

Mirror mirror on the wall…

Presenting our third element… WATER.

Amaury Grisel and his partner in crime Franckie Vega present their latest photo series and we are super excited to announce that Amaury will be our guest photographer for the evening!

Ticket link at :
Event listing:

* * *

“A long time ago I was a makeup artist, not out of love for cosmetics, but because I was always questioned by the figures and their reflections in the mirror. I quickly stopped the make-up by shame. So I soon realised that touching one face means touching the other, it’s much more intimate than sex. Besides, we kiss on the cheek certainly … But caress a face? It is finally more rare, this intimate moment with a person who is important to us. Some rare things because we have an instant of preservation towards that part of our face that is yet, and continuously, uncovered.

“I wanted to reiterate the experience through the photo. The photographer being my mirror and the ropes my makeup. I chose them because I found them humanly beautiful, because it seemed simpler to people with whom I have a strong attraction. This would have been impossible with strangers, impossible to touch them even with leather gloves. I needed to feel their trust, to lay my hands on them. Hands that despite the fact that I had covered them with a second skin in black leather, are both the last barrier of modesty and phantasmagoric object and transmitter between them and me.

“The jute and the string were, as it were, my excuse to extract their heads from their bodies, to appropriate them for a moment, individually or as a couple. A way of feeling them erotically, and living discreetly my fantasy. Couples it was harder to interfere, more delicate. Sometimes I felt embarrassed, but it was touching to realise that they were enough for themselves. They all came face to face as if to kiss the blow it created a bubble and it was difficult for my hands to find their place. Beyond the friendship that I bear them, they are also all that I find beautiful in their humanity, their couple, their body, their soul.”

* * *

Franckie Vega and Amaury Grisel met in 2014 and since then have never stopped working together on artistic projects, performances and creations.

For this series of photos, the authors invited their closest friends to pose and participated themselves as models or as self-portraits.

Franckie Vega (33) is a dynamic young woman full of creativity. She acts as artistic director, staging her body as means of expression. She wishes to show the most diverse sexualities without pretence.

Amaury Grisel (41) is a photographer and director. With his camera he explores the world and life. Through his work he advocates tolerance and diversity. He claims the influence of Nan Golding and Nobuyoshi Araki… He didn’t hesitate to participate as a model himself in his series.

May 5th - Amaury and Frankie - Water

A L C H E M I E – presenting Miss Eris for the element Air

Presenting our second element…

AIR // by Miss Eris

Ticket link at :
Event listing:

About Miss Eris:

Eris is a multi-skilled performer and Shibari instructor with the great ability of adapt to different audiences, creative and looking for challenge herself and her audience by planting small ideas for big thinkings.
She has an extensive background learning with the big names of Shibari and performing in important events/venues.


A gentle wind touches your face and you realise your surroundings. Contemplation and calm. Imagine how this wind has passed through torments, seas, trees, mountains to become a gentle breeze.

This piece is about this travel.

May 5th - Miss Eris - Air