NEW: Limited Edition rope kits! Get them while offer lasts…

Meet our two latest Limited Edition Rope Kits! They will be available for the next month and then… gone!

Each kit is priced at £39.90 (otherwise would cost £47!)

The ‘Anatomie Kit’ includes 2 ropes, a tote bag and shears, and our ‘Keeping it Simple’ kit includes 2 ropes, 1 blindfold and shears 

Perfect for presents!

Want to know what other rope bundles and deals we offer? See here!

Visit our shop at:

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 17.11.22
‘Keeping it Simple’ Rope Kit £39.90 | Buy here
Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 17.11.03
Anatomie Rope Kit £39.90 |Buy here

Shibari Store – A new t-shirt design, more rope kits and faster delivery times!

We’re happy to say we’re working hard on our online Shibari Store for you – here’s what we’ve been up to:

• We’ve added more rope kits and sets to make choosing ropes and gear even easier,
• We’re also super excited about our new beautiful t-shirt and tank top design commissioned from Chantilly Mace,
• We’ve been working hard to make sure we’re always well stocked up!
• And we’ve streamlined our service to get you faster deliveries

Here are some of the goodies we’ve got in stock for you:

‘Try Me’ Set | Buy
1 Anatomie Rope, 1 t-shirt OR tank top, 1 EMT shears


Super Beginner Set | Buy
2 Anatomie Ropes, 1 EMT shears, 1 tutorial book


Rope Lovers Kit | Buy
4 Anatomie Ropes, 1 Treatment paste, 1 EMT shears, 1 Tote bag, 1 tutorial book


‘Traditional’ Kit | Buy
8 Anatomie Ropes, 1 Furoshiki fabric (1m x 1m) for bundling up ropes

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 21.27.27

Furoshiki | Buy
1m x 1m fabric to bundle up ropes in a more traditional way


T-shirts, Tank Tops, Bags & Tote bags | Buy

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 21.43.10

For more products visit or buy in store on your next visit to the studio!

Anatomie Swag!

Our new and improved design is back online! Get it on a t-shirt, a hoodie, a mug or a bag of any colour of your choosing! You can even edit the design on your favourite items to make them truly unique.

The artwork is commissioned from Wasp based on a photo of Anna Noctuelle during hers ad Fred Hatt‘s performance at Anatomie Studio (April 2016).

Get your swag over here!


Shibari Store is open for shopping!

Hello Anatomites!

Our shop is once again open after an extended Holiday break and we are back with a new look.

For this year we have introduced gift cards to make gift giving a little more exciting in 2017.

January Sale!

Until January 31st enjoy 10% off on all products by typing in the code ‘JANUARYSALE’ when checking out!

Happy shopping!