NEW: Limited Edition rope kits! Get them while offer lasts…

Meet our two latest Limited Edition Rope Kits! They will be available for the next month and then… gone!

Each kit is priced at £39.90 (otherwise would cost £47!)

The ‘Anatomie Kit’ includes 2 ropes, a tote bag and shears, and our ‘Keeping it Simple’ kit includes 2 ropes, 1 blindfold and shears 

Perfect for presents!

Want to know what other rope bundles and deals we offer? See here!

Visit our shop at:

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 17.11.22
‘Keeping it Simple’ Rope Kit £39.90 | Buy here
Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 17.11.03
Anatomie Rope Kit £39.90 |Buy here

Anatomie Swag!

Our new and improved design is back online! Get it on a t-shirt, a hoodie, a mug or a bag of any colour of your choosing! You can even edit the design on your favourite items to make them truly unique.

The artwork is commissioned from Wasp based on a photo of Anna Noctuelle during hers ad Fred Hatt‘s performance at Anatomie Studio (April 2016).

Get your swag over here!


// Elements // Earth // Photo Collaboration

// Elements // is a playful collaborative photoshoot with Theo, Fred Hatt and Anna Bones where we play on the theme of the four elements: Earth, Fire, Water and Air.

We leave you here with our images for Earth, where Theo is seen awakening from mother-earth’s ashy clay…

For our ‘Air’ images, see here.
For our ‘Fire’ images, see here.

// Elements // Earth //
Model: Theo
Ropes: Fred Hatt
Photography: Anna Bones


// Elements // Fire // Photoshoot Collaboration

// Elements // is a playful collaborative photoshoot with Theo, Fred Hatt and Anna Bones where we play on the theme of the four elements: Earth, Fire, Water and Air.

We leave you here with our images for Fire, where Theo as a flaming goddess rising from her bonds into the darkness…

For our ‘Air’ images, see here.

// Elements // Fire //
Model: Theo
Ropes: Fred Hatt
Photography: Anna Bones


February Photo Contest and Giveaway!

We’re a giving kind of mood this month so we’ve got not one, but TWO great prizes for you to win until Sunday February 14th!

‘Rope is Love’ Instagram Photo Contest!

Post your best ‘Rope is Love’ photo on Instagram and tag us at Anatomie Studio London (use hashtag #RopeIsLove). The most original capture will win a set of 4 premium Anatomie Studio ropes! ❤ (value: £56)
Last entry on February 14th at midnight.
Winner announced February 15th.

Rope shop here.


Anatomie Studio Prize Draw!

On your next visit to the studio, fill out one of our ‘Enter to Win’ tickets and be the lucky winner of a ticket for two to our first ever Acro-Shibari Class with Fuoco! ❤ (value: £80)
Last entry on February 11th.
Winner announced February 12th.

Event listing here | Ticket link here.

Acro-Shibari 101 2016

Happy February!




2016, the year of the quirky and the alternative!

If part of your new year’s resolution includes making friends and learning something quirky and alternative, then you’re looking in the right place! (Seriously, have you seen what people are saying about us?)

Whether you’re an adventurous couple looking to spice your bedroom life, or a performance artist looking for inspiration, or you’re simply curious and want to try, we’ve got you covered.

Make 2016 the year of the quirky and alternative and discover the art of shibari in London’s only full-time shibari-focused studio. We are an LGBTQ-friendly, sex-positive, female-friendly, body-positive and kink-friendly space offering a bright clean friendly environment for learning rope. Our experienced artist, performer and teacher-in-residence Gestalta will demonstrate knots, explain flow and ensure you know how to practise shibari safely during our upcoming shibari classes. It’s all about consent!

Warning: side-effects may include fun and making friends.

Intro to Shibari : your complete guide to Shibari (for complete beginners)

Looking to finally hone in on your rope skills? Then join us for this month’s Intro to Shibari Class with Gestalta on Sunday January 17th. Half the spots are gone already. You don’t need a partner or rope or any experience, and you get 10% off rope purchases on the day.

Event listings here | Tickets here


Levelling Up : 4 Week Shibari Course with Gestalta (for those ‘stuck in the middle’ and looking to ‘level up’)

If you’re already familiar with the two rope TK* and single column ties* and are wondering “now what?”, consider our ‘Levelling Up’ weekday evening course also with Gestalta starting January 20th, which will get you going with more floor work and get you ready for partials and suspensions.

*Don’t know what a TK or SCT are? Book into the Intro to Shibari class!

Event listings here | Tickets here.


If you just want to join us for rope practice and learn some absolute basics, join us for our weekly regular Tuesday and Thursday jams. It’s £7 on the door, fun and smiles guaranteed.