Call for rope jam volunteers!

Hi folks!

Are you interested in getting involved helping out in the studio?
Are you enthusiastic about rope and about Anatomie?
Do you enjoy helping people and being sociable?

Then please get in touch!

We are looking for a couple of folk who like to volunteer once or twice per month with door duties, including opening and closing. This mostly involves checking people in, welcoming folk including newcomers to the studio and letting them know where things are, how things work, etc. It might involve some light tidying before and after the jams. You would not be working alone, but alongside one of us.

Email us at if you are interested!

It’s back! Drawn to Rope life drawing is returning in September

After a mega hiatus, our longest ever running event and possibly our favourite too… is returning!Our first Drawn to Rope event of the year is returning on Wednesday September 1st with Inkylayla at its helm again!

Yes because it’s not just Drawn to Rope that’s been on leave, Layla has been on maternity leave for the past year and we’re SO happy to see her return as host of this wonderful event.

For those who don’t know, Drawn to Rope is our longest running event, and pre-dates the creation of the studio in 2015! For this reason it holds a special place for us, and we’re beyond excited to kick-start these again.

Guest announcements soon, for now, tickets are up over here!

Our first weekend course in like… forever!

We’re so excited to bring back our foundations classes in 2021! We’ll be running a full series from now until the end of the year so stay tuned for all the dates!

In the meantime you can register your interest in our first workshop taking place in August by signing-up here – you’ll be notified the second tickets are added to the system and you’ll have first dibs on them.

This is a complete beginners workshop so there is zero experience needed!

The weekend foundational courses in 2021 will be taught by studio owners Anna and Fred, we will also be introducing midweek beginners courses taught by our other team members in order to offer more variety in terms of instructors are schedules. Stay tuned for more details on that!

In the meantime, register for our August weekend over here.

This year we have also created a Rope Fund so we can provide places into our workshops for those facing financial barriers. Our Rope Fund is made up partially by the studio and partially by public donations – donation buttons are found on every single ticket link at check-out. You can donate as little as a few quid and you’ll be contributing towards someone’s access to rope education and a super awesome network of rope friends.

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far!

If you wish to apply for the solidarity tickets, please go here!

Is this you?

Want to get involved in the space? Are you a “people person” and enjoy making people feel welcome and integrated? Do you have an existing relationship to the studio and its members?

We are currently looking for 2 volunteer “meet and greeters” to assist us on August 1st for our first ever Open Doors event. Ideally we are looking for folks who used to regularly come to the studio prior to the last lockdown and have a relationship to the space and other members of the space.

Your rope experience is not important, we are simply looking for a pair of enthusiastic people who enjoy making others feel welcome and integrated within the space.

We would need you to be double vaccinated and feel comfortable respecting and helping to maintain our COVID safe guidelines (see bottom).

Duties would consist of a mix of helping with tidying at the start and finish of the event, and most importantly greet people as they arrive, show them around the space, introduce any newcomers to other folk and get them chatting with each other.

If this sounds fun to you, please email Anna directly at

Thank you!

For our Covid-19 policy, click here. For our Code of Conduct, it’s over here.

PS: there will be further volunteering opportunities announced soon, so keep an eye out!

Re(r)Opening Week! It’s finally here!

We are beyond excited to open our doors to the public again this summer after a year and half of partial closure (in fact we have been completely closed this year!). It’s our pleasure to welcome you all back during a celebratory Re(r)Opening Week (see what we did there?) commencing August 1st.

Tickets will be released on Monday July 12th at noon, so set your timers! The ticket link is over here.

Here’s the plan:

Anatomie Open Doors – August 01 2021

Sunday August 1st we’re running our first ever Open Doors event which is something of a meet and greet slash munch. It’s not a rope event, we just want to hang out, have a couple of drinks and show off the new face of the studio. We’ll have tables set up too, so feel free to BYOB.

Yep, that’s right, we’ve not just been watching Netflix all year! We’ve built walls, like actual insulated walls, a proper entrance complete with door (actually the door is also insulated, so we can be more relaxed about noise!), shelves, a lot of shelves, and more importantly, we have streamlined the main space so it’s more ‘user friendly’. The library is more accessible, there’s actual entrance where you can sit and enjoy a cup of tea as you people gaze.

If you’re new and want to have a first feel of the studio, this is a perfect occasion to come poke around and meet the faces of the studio, ask questions and see what we’re all about. If you’re a regular, you probably want to join too because the space has changed since you last visited! And also… we miss you!

Pre(r)Opening Jam – August 03 2021

Remember when we used to gather on Tuesdays and do rope and chat and hang out? Yep, we have a vague recollection too, so that’s what we’re doing! As has been tradition since opening in 2015, this jam is unstructured so there’s no instruction and no induction, so probably more suited to those who know their way around the ropes! If you are new, don’t worry, our regular beginners evenings are starting the following week, tickets will be released soon, so stay tuned! This is our first jam OF THE YEAR, so you’ll have bragging rights when you join.

“Press Play” Rope+Play – August 06 2021

Leave your practice books at home folks, this event is for letting go, letting loose, and getting kinky. Dress up or dress down, bring toys and make some (sexy) noise. Welcome (back) to our little playground! This evening’s flavour will be something in between a jam and a play party. Suitable for experienced players.

Rope Day – August 07 2021

Feeling like spending a casual, relaxed afternoon around ropes? Maybe practice some stuff you’ve learned online during lockdown? Or simply looking for a change of rope scenery? Super casual is the vibe of this rope event, perfect for a good wind down with friendly faces. There will be no instruction or induction, but if you are new, don’t worry, our regular beginners evenings are starting the following week, tickets will be released soon, so stay tuned!

For our Covid-19 policy, click here. For our Code of Conduct, it’s over here.

Rope Fund and solidarity tickets

In 2021 we want to experiment with a new idea for the Studio: a Rope Fund. This will provide access to our workshops to those facing financial barriers to entry. The Rope Fund is partially funded by the studio and partially by your donations, and will allow us to allocate solidarity tickets to applicants for our Foundational Course Series as well as our in-house evening classes when these are back up and running again (TBA).

At the moment, donations to the fund are being collected via our ticket sales – when you purchase a ticket for any event, class or rope jam, you will have an option to donate to our Rope Fund, like so:

Applications for solidarity tickets can currently be made via our online form, and are completely private. Unless stated otherwise, applicant identities will not be disclosed online or in-person.

Our aim is to prioritise tickets going to people from minority groups, groups underrepresented in the rope scene, and those who would otherwise be unable to attend these courses due to financial barriers, in a bid to further facilitate access to quality rope education.

This is an experiment in trying to open the rope community to more people. If you have any suggestion on how to make this better, or any question, please email us at

We very much look forward to welcoming you when we reopen!

* Please note that we currently do not have dates for our in-person workshops, although you are welcome to apply. We will get in touch when we are back up and running.

“When will you reopen?”

At the moment we don’t have concrete plans to reopen until we are sure restrictions will be lifted in the summer. The space is so social and tactile and we would prefer to welcome you back when we can engage this way again.

In the meantime our amazing team is busy at work preparing and delivering super high quality ropes all over the world through Shibari Store, and if you wish to support us this is the best way to do so.

We will continue to offer the occasional online class, mostly aimed at beginner level tying, including our month-long Shibari courses, so keep an eye on our website.

We are also accepting private bookings for after June 21st, so check out our website for information on this. Flexible pricing is available.

Thank you for your support throughout this year, we can’t wait to welcome you all back!

Lockdown and Holiday closure

Hi all!

Due to the new Tier 3 restrictions coming into effect on Wednesday December 16th, we will be closing our doors for the Holidays from this date.

We do not yet have a reopening date for 2021 as we await for news about restrictions.

You can support us by buying gift vouchers and shibari products from our shop.

More information on how to support us over here.

A sincere and heartfelt thank you to everyone for helping us get through this difficult year. We very much look forward to welcoming you back in 2021.

How can you help Anatomie?

We have been very touched with the various messages received from members asking how to help us out during these uncertain times (thank you!), so we have put a little something together below to let you all know how exactly you can help support us!

Buy our rope or recommend our store to friends & social media

One of the best ways to support us is to buy our rope from our store at! Our team of in store 3 staff members are super dedicated and hard working, they treat all the rope and package every order with love and care.

We currently have a few promos going on:

  1. FREE Tenugui (Japanese cloth for blindfolds or gags) with orders above £60 with the code FREEGIFT1
  2. FREE Tenigui plus Flick Stick with orders above £90 with the code FREEGIFT2
  3. 50% Discount at with the purchase of our Shibari Study Kit

If you didn’t know this already, we also have an Etsy shop where we sell raw rope at very affordable prices.

Perhaps a set of rope will find itself underneath your Christmas tree… ?

You can also recommend our store to friends and followers on social media!

Join our online classes or recommend them & re-share on social media

Every Thursday this month we are hosting online beginners rope sessions for the new and curious! Every Thursday we will are teaching something different.

The sessions cost £10 per log-in and there is no commitment to turn on your camera or participate if you are feeling shy or unsure.

Sessions are open to pairs or soloists, and there is zero experience needed.

We also have a couple of other classes on offer which you can check out over here!

As with our store, feel free to share this information with friends and followers on social media!

Book into our classes and Rope Jams in December

We are set to open as soon as lockdown ends on December 2nd.

Events coming up are: bi-weekly Rope Jams, a weekend Intro to Shibari Course, our advanced suspension course, Drawn to Rope (life drawing), and a Day Rope Jam!

All of these are listed over here.

Order Gift Certificates (NEW!)

We have also introduced new Gift Certificates: one valid for our online store, and one valid for classes and workshops (or private lessons) at the studio.

Perhaps an idea for a Christmas gift… ?

They come in valued from £25 t0 £200 and you can purchase them from our store over here!

Pre-paid Rope jams (NEW!)

We are also rolling our pre-paid Rope Jam cards! These are valid for Tuesday, Thursday and weekend Day Jams from December onwards.

A Rope Jam costs £10 per person, but our pre-paid cards cost £80 so you get 10 jams for the price of 8!

You can purchase these from our store over here, we will hold on to your card until your first Rope Jam back at the studio.

Thank you!

Thank you for your continued support, it means the world to us that you value and cherish the space we’ve created. We hope to see you all very soon!

For any questions, please email us at

England national lockdown and what this means for the studio

In accordance with government guidelines we will be closed for in-person activities from Thursday November 5th until December 2nd.

What does this mean for our events this month?

In-person events going ahead this week:

Our Tuesday November 3rd Rope Jam will go ahead as planned and will be our last rope jam before closing. We have a few limited places available that you can book here.

Our Wednesday Drawn to Rope event will also be going ahead as planned. We are sold out of in-person tickets but we have plenty of online tickets available over here.

Events moving online

Our November Tuesday rope jams will be cancelled from Tuesday November 10th and in lieu of these we will be opening a Zoom channel for folx to hang out and socialise. The channel will be open from 7 to 9pm and you can drop in and out however you’d like. This is a weekly opportunity to stay connected to each other. The sessions are free and the link will be circulated every week on our Discord channel.

Our Thursday beginner sessions will be held online from Thursday November 5th. Sessions will run from 7 to 9pm and hosted by studio owners Fred Hatt & Anna Bones. You can purchase tickets over here.

Our in-person evening Takate Kote crash course which was due to take place on Wednesday November 18th has been postponed to December 9th (tickets for this session are available here). In addition to this we are offering an online Takate Kote intro class taught by Fred & Anna which you can attend with or without a partner. Tickets are available here.

All our online events can be found here.

Events being deferred

Our Discover Shibari weekend beginners course due to take place on November 7-8 will be pushed to December 12-13. The event is currently sold out but we anticipate places becoming available as a result of the deferral (so do sign-up to the waiting list here).

Our Air Time weekend course due to take place on the last weekend in November will be pushed to December 5-6. There is one place available currently, which you can book here.

Our in-person evening Takate Kote crash course which was due to take place on Wednesday November 18th has been postponed to December 9th (tickets are available here). In addition to this we are offering an online Takate Kote intro class taught by Fred & Anna which you can attend with or without a partner. Tickets are available here.

Events being cancelled

Our ‘Office Space’ events have been cancelled and customers refunded, as has the November Day Rope Jam. Our December Day Rope Jam is still scheduled to go ahead and tickets can be found here.

Thank you for your patience while we navigate this second lockdown! Emails will be going out in the coming days as well as any refunds, and if you have any questions please get in touch at