We stand in solidarity with the George Floyd protests and the black community worldwide.

We stand in solidarity with the George Floyd protests and the black community worldwide.

Some thoughts from Anatomie:

The rope and kink community in London is predominantly white, and while this is rapidly changing over the last few years, there is still a noticeable lack of diversity in images and educators that doesn’t reflect the changing demographics on the ground. We will certainly be paying close attention to our own role in closing the gap in this discrepancy, because visibility matters and representation matters.

Our premises are located in Peckham (London, UK), which is a predominantly black neighbourhood. We are a direct result of gentrification of the area, part of those slow waves of white folk with some money moving into ‘ethnically diverse’ boroughs of London. We are benefiting directly from the work and culture of black folk who have created the local markets, the shops, and have made this place into the vibrant and community orientated area that it is. We see you, and we are grateful to you. We will be thinking about how we can better contribute to local economy and support local black owned businesses in our area.

We are sharing below a list of UK based organisations that are geared towards helping the black community in the UK as well as organisations in the US that are helping protestors and victims of police brutality. This week we will be donating money to some of these organisations.

We appreciate that not everyone is a position to donate, so we also sharing anti-racist resources for white people which include books, movies, podcasts and articles that you can read.

We will be doing our homework, will you join us in doing the same?

1. A List of Anti Racism Resources –

2. Anti Racism Resources for White People –https://docs.google.com/…/1BRlF2_zhNe86SGgHa6-V…/mobilebasic

3. “UK anti-racism charities and organisations you can support right now” –

4. “How to donate to Black Lives Matter and the George Floyd memorial fund” –

5. “Black Organisations Supporting Young People” – http://blackeconomics.co.uk/…/black-organisations-support-…/

Nerve Damage Flyer – New and updated!

We have finally reviewed and re-written the nerve damage flyer with up to date and practical information. The information has been proofed by a medical doctor who practices shibari so we are confident in the information provided.

Click here to download a high res free PDF.

New drawings commissioned from Elsa Depont.

Private tuition slots and more virtual live classes!

After a very successful first beginners class last Thursday, we are excited to bring you further live classes! We have added private tuition slots with either Fred or Anna over the next 3 weeks, and we have added another Thursday beginners session open for complete novices and the curious.

Additionally we have added two more specialist classes we believe are suitable for solo persons and pairs! All classes have budget tickets available as well as regular tickets so you can pay within your budget.

To check out what’s on offer and book yourself a slot, visit out new livestream page here.

See you soon!

Lockdown: Update on studio activities and how you can support us

Hi all,

Since the government has announced a lockdown we will extend our closure until April 13th (for now) and keep you posted on updates.

  • Our shop remains open for orders, and we’ll endeavour to get order out as quickly as we can – this is the best way to support us in this time, as this is now our only revenue stream. Plus our ropes are great and we have a sale on 🙂
  • We will be exploring livestreaming classes from our Zoom pro account – our first one is this Thursday, it’s super cheap because it’s our very first go at it, and you can pay what you can.
  • You can also take a look at our FREE online videos, both on the studio account and on Anna Bones’ personal account.

For any questions, feel free to email us at anatomie.studio@gmail.com – please be patient with us while we work our way through our inbox!

Anatomie Live! Our Classes, Livestreamed.

Since we cannot welcome you into our physical space at the moment, we thought we would bring you a taste of Anatomie directly to your living room!

We are bringing you a taste of Anatomie directly to your living room! Since we cannot welcome you into our physical space at the moment, we have decided to give livestreaming a go. We hope you can join us and enjoy this new format.

How does it work?

1. Grab a ticket,
2. Get a password,
2. Join our private event channel at the designated time and date.

(Note we are in London, so all times listed are GMT/UTC +0).

Covid-19 : Studio Closure

Hi folks, as anticipated, we have decided to close the studio until the end of March (at least) due to Covid-19.

We shall keep you posted on any news and announcements over the next few weeks, in the meantime please stay safe!

Our online store will remain open for orders as usual over at www.shibaristore.com.

Dor any questions email us at anatomie.studio@gmail.com, please allow a few days for emails to get replied to.

Take care!

We’re in the Evening Standard!

We’re so excited about this fantastic article in the Evening Standard! It’s an honest and open minded no-nonsense article about our Thursday evening beginners classes and we are so proud to have been featured here. Thank you Molly for the write-up!

Click here for the complete article.

New things… Videos!

We added a new section to our website with some lighthearted and simple videos! Ideal for those who have been to our beginner classes and looking to job their memory or simply for those looking for a bit of inspiration.

They are not tutorials, just videos of us tying basic ties and simple patterns that we’ve come up with and experimented with.

Check it out over here!

We will post more in the months to come so keep checking back. In the meantime, if you are new or not-so-new but want to brush up and build on your skills, join us for our Thursday beginners nights or book onto our courses over here.

There are many ways to tie a safe and solid Takate Kote (also referred to as Gote or Box Tie). Here Anna Bones ties the first rope of a Takate Kote as tied in our Takate Kote classes and beginners classes. This is a good revision video, if you’ve attended our classes and need a bit of a reminder. Aspects shown: placing the hands, tying the single column tie, placement of the top wrap and tying the X-friction. This isn’t a tutorial, lots of things aren’t being shown and it’s definitely not a tie worthy of suspension. Join our classes and learn it properly!

New Year, New Adventures?

Start your personal adventure this year by trying something new and unconventional – join our jams and discover what rope can bring to your life. More than strings on bodies, shibari can be a real game changer, a vehicle for personal discovery and growth, a way to connect more deeply with your partner(s), and a way to get that sense of community and belonging so many of us miss in these modern times.

Our beginner’s evenings are every Thursday, and if you bring a partner they pay half price this month!