Evening Classes

Takate Kote Evening Crash Course

Recurring class. Typically on a Wednesday evening.

It’s the quintessential Shibari form and the one pre-requisite for most Shibari classes & workshops. Learn the basic principles and pattern of the two rope Takate Kote (or ‘TK’) in this 3 hour evening class. You’ll also learn about rope tension, rope flow, anatomy, safety & communication.

Open to all levels. No pre-requisites.
Solo and couples tickets available.

Discover Shibari – Intro to Shibari course (Course 1)

Recurring course. Takes place over 4 Monday evenings.

This is the first course in our foundational course series – it is the weekday evening version of the course (see here for the weekend version). From its origins and history, to human anatomy and body mechanics, to learning the ABC’s of rope handling and flow, this class is designed to get your creative juices flowing and inspire you body, mind and soul.

Open to all levels. No pre-requisites.
Solo and couples tickets available.

Hand up! A one day workshop on hands-free chest harnesses

One off. One day workshop on Sunday March 8th.

In this one day workshop Anna Bones will teach various chest harnesses (4 to 8 depending on the level and speed of the class) that are suitable for suspensions and transitions. All of these can be used for self-suspension – if anyone wants a demo on how to self-tie these, Anna can oblige.

There are pre-requisites for this class.
Couples tickets available.

anatomie.studio@gmail.com | 0796 442 3673 | Arch 113 (Unit 17) Station Passage SE15 2JR

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