Rope Jam FAQ

How much do jams cost and do I have to book in advance?

Our Tuesday rope jams cost £8 per person. Our Thursday rope jams cost £10 per person from 7pm (for the beginner class) or £8 per person after 9pm. There is no need to reserve as these are all drop-in events. You are welcome to pay by cash, card, Bitcoin or Ethereum.

What should I wear for a rope jam?

You are welcome to wear whatever you feel comfortable in! Most people wear street clothes or change into yoga/dance attire. Loose fitting clothing can get caught when tying/being tied and non-stretchy clothing like jeans can restrict movement. But there is no dress code and you’ll see a bit of everything. Fetish/kink clothing (such as latex or lingerie) is extremely uncommon. See below for our rules on nudity.

What are the rules about nudity?

Any rules at are to ensure safety and since nudity isn’t unsafe we simply don’t have a rule for it. To us, a rule on nudity is tantamount to body-shaming. At busier jams the space can be quite warm, so it’s not uncommon for people to be shirtless, and as we’re big supporters of #FreeTheNipple it would be unfair of us to have different rules for guys and girls. Just be aware that rope and nudity should not leave the studio. Please be respectful of our neighbours.

What’s the best way to get to the the studio?

We’re a 2 minute walk from Queen’s Road Peckham overground station. The studio is also very well-served by various trains and buses from central London – for travel details see our contact page.

Do I need to bring my own ropes?

You can bring your own ropes, but if you don’t have any yet no worries. We’ve got boxes literally full of communal jute rope you can use. People sometimes donate their retired ropes to the studio so the pile keeps growing. We also sell a variety of high-quality jute ropes at the studio.

Do I need to bring a partner?

Between a third to around half of our attendees come on their own. It’s a community-focused space with (free!) tea, coffee and nibbles. There’s even a small library of interesting educational books and magazines if you just want to lounge, chat and watch some great rope.

What can I expect from the Thursday beginner class?

Our Thursday rope jams have a beginner lesson from 7:30-9pm. For these we assume zero knowledge of rope, so we’ll take you through all the basics from the type of rope used in shibari through fun exercises to improve your rope control. There’s no need for a partner for these classes and many of the exercises can be done on yourself or objects around the studio. If you don’t want to do the class you can just treat the Thursday jam like our regular Tuesday one and practice on your own off to the side. The classes are usually taught by Fred and/or Anna, or by other competent instructors if Fred & Anna are away.

Who goes to Rope Jams? How many people turn up?

Since June 2015 (when the studio opened), we’ve had about 15-30+ people per evening jam. Generally Thursday jams are a little busier on average and there are more newbies so if you’re looking to make new friends that might be the best evening for you. We welcome people from a wide-range of professions including dancers, yoga instructors, academics, and IT consultants.

Sounds amazing, but I’m nervous about coming on my own!

Don’t worry! We’ve got a warm atmosphere and our jams usually start with everyone sitting around chatting over a tea or coffee. We think it’s a bit like going to a dance class. The space is community-focused with lots of room and opportunities to socialise, so even though you’re not guaranteed to find someone to tie with on your first visit, you’re pretty certain to make friends, see some cool rope work and learn some rope skills in the process! Join in, say hi, ask to get shown stuff 🙂

Help – I have another question!

Cool, you can ask us a question via our contact us page, we almost always respond the same day!