Livestream Classes

We are bringing you a taste of Anatomie directly to your living room!

How does it work?

1. Grab a ticket,
2. Get a password,
2. Join our private event channel at the designated time and date.

Intro to Self-Tying

With an increasing number of folk interested in specifically exploring self-tying, we’ve decided to offer a full length course on the topic starting in May! Anna has been doing a ton of self-tying over the past year and eager to share what she knows. The course will focus on technique and ties, and is split into 4 parts (legs, chest, hips and freestyling). These can be booked as a course as individual sessions. See you soon!

Level Up (for beginners +)

You’re not a beginner anymore, you’ve got that single column tie figured out, you also know a few ties you can play with, so…. where next? Well this course is for you! During this 4 part course, Fred Hatt will help you sink you teeth deeper into your practice so you can progress with confidence. Get to grips – for real – with tension, placement, and cleaning up your harnesses so things look AND feel amazing.

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