Livestream Classes

Total Beginner Class

Our Thursday evening beginner classes are a staple of the studio for the last 5 years, so we’re bringing it to you wherever you are in the world! Join us for a fun and relaxed taster class for complete beginners and all levels!

Tying Free

Looking to let go a bit and breaking free from patters, symmetry and structure? This class is for you! We will delves into the pleasure of tying free using only very basic frictions and techniques. Mindful, meditative, slightly brainy, join solo or with a partner.

Chest Harnesses

Just what it says on the tin! We will take you through a little historical journey of chest harnesses as we know it and take you through a surprisingly large amount of hands free chest harnesses – as many as you can handle really… ! This is probably suited to those with some experience.

The Takate Kote
50 Fucked Up Things to do with Single Column Ties

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