Upcoming workshops: floor work, hands free chest harnesses, bottoming 101, and intro to suspension… coming in September!

It’s a complete ‘back to school’ month for us at Anatomie! Take advantage of our workshops catering to a variety of levels and interests. Our full list of workshops coming in September can be found below, some have pre-requisites, some don’t, some are suitable for folks coming on their own, some require a partnership. Check it out!

Click on the photos to read the full descriptions and pre-requites!

Intro to suspension

Discover the pleasure of air time in this weekend intensive with studio owners Fred and Anna! Tickets here.

Fly! - 2018 - NEW

Rope bottoming

Come take advantage of our many years of experience bottoming in rope and gain the tools, vocabulary and confidence to have amazing rope experiences. Tickets here.

So you want to get tied?

Special Workshops (with guest presenters)

Our special workshops (by guest presenters) are very popular and sometimes tickets sell out within minutes so if you’re not on the mailing list you risk not being able to get a ticket. If you wish to be added to our mailing list send us an email to anatomie.studio@gmail.com with the subject header ‘Subscribe’.

Upcoming workshops:

Weekend Intensive with FredRx  – tickets here.

FredRx 2018 copy

Hands Up! Hands free chest harnesses for suspension with Anna Bones – tickets here.

Hands Up! Anna Bones 2018

“Floored” exploring floor work with Anatomie’s own MnR and GoddessInRope – tickets here.

MnR 2018


Where to start & how to pick events that are right for you!

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 10.53.08

Total newbie? Not sure where to start? We’ve got you! Every Thursday we host a beginners Rope Jam where you can learn the basics and make friends for £10 per person (tea, coffee and ropes included). If you’re looking for structured classes, we have a semi-regular full weekend workshop called Discover Shibari, as well as a myriad of classes open to beginners and all levels – they are all listed here.

Mainly interested in getting tied rather than tying? Learn about the ins and outs of rope  bottoming/modelling at ‘So You Want To Get Tied?’ classes! Join us on Thursday’s for our beginners Rope Jam where you can pair up with others wanting to learn to tie. You can also book into Discover Shibari as a solo attendee and do the workshop as a rope bottom – there’s plenty of material for rope bottoms in that class (and in most of our classes).

On a deadline to become an expert? We can help too. We have a set of 3 progressive courses that’ll take you from zero to suspensions and transitions. If the schedule doesn’t work out for you, we also provide private one-on-one tuition.

Flying solo? You don’t need a partner to join our Rope Jams and Community ClassesSome workshops have individual tickets on sale too. If you want to find a partner, come to a Rope Jam and get to know your community.

On a budget? Our Community Classes are pay-what-you-can donation based and most of our evening classes cost under £50 (for two). And our Rope Jams cost as little as £8 per person, you can make friends, practice what you know and learn from other attendees.

Don’t meet the pre-requisites for classes? That’s cool! A lot of our workshops in 2018 are open to all levels. Our Community Classes also don’t pre-requisites, neither do our Rope Jams. But if you want to learn the pre-requisites for the advanced classes, you can for as a little as £45.

Just want to watch? That’s possible too! We have a monthly life-drawing evening called Drawn to Rope for the artists out there and regular performance nights for the curious. Our Rope Jams are also a good place to sit back and enjoy the view over a cup of tea (it’s free).

For a complete list of our 2018 events, check out our calendar over here.



Dates added! For Discover Shibari!

Good news!

Our Discover Shibari weekends have sold our for 2018 so we are introducing two extra date to carry out ‘mini’ Discover Shibari workshops for those who missed out on our original weekend beginners courses!

Dates: Sunday September 30th & Sunday December 9th.


This a condensed version of the complete course, we will be giving your all the fundamental tools of shibari for you to have fun, play, and progress in your journey. This is still a very complete workshop, the one think we will not be covering in depth is the Takate Kote, but we host semi-regular Takate Kote evening intensive crash courses throughout the year so you can book into one of those if you feel you need even more technique.

To book onto our mini-Discover Shibari workshops, it’s right over here!

NEW! Coloured ropes now available!

Our coloured ropes are now available to purchase online at www.shibaristore.com!

They come in red, pink, purple and black (7.5meters, 6mm thick, jute, source: Ogawa, and we are selling them raw).

Single lengths (£14): https://shibaristore.com/products/coloured-rope-new

Rope reels (£125): https://shibaristore.com/products/rope-reels

To treat the ropes, we recommend a bit of paste and oil, which is also available here:


For questions, feel free to email us at anatomie.studio@gmail.com.



Need rope? ShibariStore is discontinuing its limited edition rope kits! Gets yours before July 16th!

ShibariStore is going on a little vacation soon so our limited edition rope kits will disappear July 16th!


‘Play With Me’
2 OR 4 Anatomie Ropes
1 Miumi-U Teaches Shibari Book
1 safety shears
£38 / £65


‘Anatomie Kit’
2 Anatomie Rope
1 Tote bag
1 safety shears


‘Keeping it Simple’
2 Anatomie Ropes
1 tenugui fabric

Some of our fabrics will also disappear, so if you like what you see at the moment, get on it or it might be too late!

Summer Shibari Showcase 2018 – performance night for first time shibari performers!

Thank you all who joined us last Friday for our Summer Shibari Showcase evening featuring 1st time performers! All the shows were incredible, showcasing a variety of dynamics, tying flavours and techniques from all over the UK (from Edinburgh to Brighton!).

Thank you so much for making this yet another memorable and emotional night!

QuartzQunt & GaelleGote

Genktastic & Illume

AviRope & Becsposhfingers

TrojanPrincess & Dragonbab

MissEmphasis & KnotCreature

Togetherness Festival : teaching consent and power exchange to mainstream audiences

We’re sharing the below images from Togetherness Festival last year where Sophia and I (Anna) taught to a mainstream audience. There were about 160 people in the class, we had to use a microphone to teach as we introduced topics of kink, BDSM, rope and power exchange to people who had never thought about these topics and even to people who were skeptical about the topics. It was incredible, one of my favourite teaching moments, and Sophia was incredible as always.

One of the most striking differences between teaching within the rope or kink community and mainstream events is the awareness about consent. We really had to speak about this a lot more than we would normally have to in rope/kink communities. And even then there was a consent incident in our class which we had to address during the event.

It was definitely eye opening, challenging and immensely rewarding. We are super happy to be doing it again with Sophia at Togetherness Summer Festival.