Dates added! For Discover Shibari!

Good news!

Our Discover Shibari weekends have sold our for 2018 so we are introducing two extra date to carry out ‘mini’ Discover Shibari workshops for those who missed out on our original weekend beginners courses!

Dates: Sunday September 30th & Sunday December 9th.


This a condensed version of the complete course, we will be giving your all the fundamental tools of shibari for you to have fun, play, and progress in your journey. This is still a very complete workshop, the one think we will not be covering in depth is the Takate Kote, but we host semi-regular Takate Kote evening intensive crash courses throughout the year so you can book into one of those if you feel you need even more technique.

To book onto our mini-Discover Shibari workshops, it’s right over here!

NEW! Coloured ropes now available!

Our coloured ropes are now available to purchase online at!

They come in red, pink, purple and black (7.5meters, 6mm thick, jute, source: Ogawa, and we are selling them raw).

Single lengths (£14):

Rope reels (£125):

To treat the ropes, we recommend a bit of paste and oil, which is also available here:

For questions, feel free to email us at



Need rope? ShibariStore is discontinuing its limited edition rope kits! Gets yours before July 16th!

ShibariStore is going on a little vacation soon so our limited edition rope kits will disappear July 16th!


‘Play With Me’
2 OR 4 Anatomie Ropes
1 Miumi-U Teaches Shibari Book
1 safety shears
£38 / £65


‘Anatomie Kit’
2 Anatomie Rope
1 Tote bag
1 safety shears


‘Keeping it Simple’
2 Anatomie Ropes
1 tenugui fabric

Some of our fabrics will also disappear, so if you like what you see at the moment, get on it or it might be too late!

Summer Shibari Showcase 2018 – performance night for first time shibari performers!

Thank you all who joined us last Friday for our Summer Shibari Showcase evening featuring 1st time performers! All the shows were incredible, showcasing a variety of dynamics, tying flavours and techniques from all over the UK (from Edinburgh to Brighton!).

Thank you so much for making this yet another memorable and emotional night!

QuartzQunt & GaelleGote

Genktastic & Illume

AviRope & Becsposhfingers

TrojanPrincess & Dragonbab

MissEmphasis & KnotCreature

Togetherness Festival : teaching consent and power exchange to mainstream audiences

We’re sharing the below images from Togetherness Festival last year where Sophia and I (Anna) taught to a mainstream audience. There were about 160 people in the class, we had to use a microphone to teach as we introduced topics of kink, BDSM, rope and power exchange to people who had never thought about these topics and even to people who were skeptical about the topics. It was incredible, one of my favourite teaching moments, and Sophia was incredible as always.

One of the most striking differences between teaching within the rope or kink community and mainstream events is the awareness about consent. We really had to speak about this a lot more than we would normally have to in rope/kink communities. And even then there was a consent incident in our class which we had to address during the event.

It was definitely eye opening, challenging and immensely rewarding. We are super happy to be doing it again with Sophia at Togetherness Summer Festival.


Fun facts! … About our custom steel trussing!

Here’s a little fun fact about our trussing: the trussing is composed of 3 arches connected by 8 additional trusses. The structure’s design was a collaborative effort by us, the trussing company and our friend Conor Scully.

It is a custom structure, made to fit perfectly along the curvature of the space while avoiding touching the walls. It is powder coated in a black mat finish.

The structure is designed to support 6 dynamic aerial circus acts simultaneously.
We hired a structural engineer company to work with the trussing company to finalise the design based on our needs. At its highest point the structure measures around 4.8 meters.

The structure is fully signed off by engineers and insured. (And yes… it cost us a fortune). The structure is technically ‘permanent’ but can be dismounted and transported.

We chatted to numerous circus performers about their industry standards regarding loading requirements. Using circus as a standard means we went well above and beyond in terms of safety for what we use in shibari and this opens the door for circus artists to use the space/hire the space.

It also means we are able to insure the space and the structure in ways we would never be able to with wood.

Additionally our black straps are rated for circus loads meaning they each support 4t (and 1.6t in the larks head configuration).


Go from total beginner to partial suspensions with us in June!


Ease your way into suspension this June!

In June, you can book into the Takate Kote (evening crash course) on June 13th and go straight into Levelling Up on June 16-17.

Levelling  Up is the second course in our foundational course series created by Anna Bones and Fred Hatt of Anatomie Studio. There are 3 courses in total. In Course 2 we cover partial suspensions!

Tickets are available for ‘Levelling Up’ (Course 2) here.
(password: ReadyToLevelUp)

And for ‘Fly! Intro to Suspension’ (Course 3) over here.
(password: ReadyToFly!)

For a complete list of all our workshops, see here.

Guest presenter workshops July-December 1018

Hello! if you would like to come visit London (and our new venue!) these are all the special guest workshops we have planned for the rest of 2018. Of course we also have lots of workshops by locals (including myself and FredHatt) coming up too and lots of rope jams and social events.

Tickets for all the following workshops are available to pre-book at!
Workshops 2018

On our impending move and cultivating patience!

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 18.58.31


Here’s a little update on the move to the new studio as deadlines approach:

Moving date?

Our custom steel frame and mezzanine are likely to be installed on the last week of May/first week of June (woohoo!!). We do not however have an exact date for the installation so we cannot yet announce a specific move date.

Until further notice we will keep running all Rope Jams at the old location. Some classes however may be held at the new location – this will be made clear via EMAIL so if you have a paid ticket or a community class ticket please check your emails a day or two before the classes to get confirmation on the location. The new location is about 15minutes walk from the old location so even if you go to the wrong place, you’ll be able to find your way easily to the new location 🙂

Setting expectations

Because the date of the final move is still uncertain as of yet, and we don’t want to get stuck moving everything at the very last minute, over the next 2 weeks we will be moving more things from the current location into the new space. We would like to ask for your patience during this transitional period as things may not run as smoothly while we figure things out ourselves. Things might be missing or misplaced and we might not have all the answers to everything right away, we will make mistakes!

How can you help?

We would like to ask for some patience and understanding! If you see something that needs to be done, you can offer to help, if you notice we have forgotten something, you can remind us, if you have useful suggestions, speak up 🙂

How will things change?

Although the location will be different and the space larger, we will be keeping the same ethos and vibe (the living room vibe) in the new space, with the same etiquette and attitude. We would like to invite all of our regular members to help us keep the same culture in the space moving forward!


As you’re probably aware, our new space in a railway arch. This means strict rules about smoking, so we won’t be able to allow people to congregate outside the main entrance to smoke and will kindly ask the smokers to walk down the passage next to the train station to smoke. We will have to be quite strict about this, and will also ask the regulars to help us out with this.

The address?

The address will be made public once we have a specific move date, in the meantime it will be emailed to those who have purchased tickets for events that are taking place at the new location.

More soon!

Thank you for reading,