Office Space: work from ‘home’

two people tying closely together with one piece of shibari rope
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Office Hours

We are opening the space during a weekday in October for those who wish to work from the studio – if this goes well we will make it a regular event. So bring your laptops and your books, we provide the rest!

You are welcome to make use of our new fast internet, whether for Zoom meetings or simply admin and emails.

There is will be relaxing music and a chilled-out environment. You can bring food (we have a microwave) and drink our tea and coffee.

We even have a couple of tables and chairs we’ll pull out if you prefer this to our futons or floor.

And you can also join us simply to do rope or a mix of work and rope!

Please remember to wear your face coverings when you are moving about in the venue – you can remove them when you are sitting in one spot. Please maintain social distancing in the space. Thank you!