Pay-what-you-can Classes

They’re back!

Formerly known as ‘Community Classes’, after a few years hiatus, we are bringing these back in a newer, better format. These classes are donations based with all profits (yes ALL profits) going to local charities in the Peckham and Southwark areas dedicated to uplifting local communities.

How does it work? Same as any other class. You’ll book donation ticket online and turn up on the day. You can attend solo or with a partner, and we’ll provide everything else, rope included. We will announce in advance the topic of the class, and what charity donations are going to every session.

Who are these classes for? Everyone. The aim is to provide a space for quality rope education for everyone, including those financial barriers who may find our pricier classes out of budget. You’ll get top notch classes with local teachers, at more accessible price ranges (literally what you can afford since it’s donations based).

Should you still come even if you can afford our regular workshops? Yes! Not only will your donation go to a good cause, but you’ll be helping new folk to learn. If you’re more experienced, we will ask you to help out newcomers and foster peer-to-peer learning opportunities.

What is the format like? The classes will be educational, but also have a strong social component, and since we encourage more experienced folk to also attend and participate, these classes will also have a strong peer-to-peer learning component.

Who teaches these classes? Local teachers, old and new. The teachers leading the classes will be donating their time and expertise, sometimes these will be well seasoned teachers, and other times we will provide opportunities for new and budding teachers to lead a class. Our aim is to provide a stepping-stone for greater diversity of folk to teach rope in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Excited? Book your ticket here!

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