Pay-what-you-can community classes

At Anatomie Studio we strive to bring you the best shibari classes with the very best shibari teachers we know, and although the workshops can be pricey, we think they’re well worth the investment, especially considering rope can be a high risk activity!

However, not everyone is able to afford our classes, and being committed to the dissemination of rope education as we are in the studio, we wanted to offer everyone the possibility to learn within their budgets in the new year.

Please find a class list and ticket links below:


Next class: August 15th 7:00-10:30pm |
Topic: ‘Rope & Movement’ with BurgundyRose & Surf-Girl

BurgundyRose will draw from her experiences in theatre and contemporary dance to explore how to use movement, rhythm and expression to build a rope scene. This class will look at the use of the body to create character, to play with your partner and to express emotion and intention from both sides of the ropes. It will cover body manipulation techniques to effectively move your partner in space, and tips and tricks for efficient and fluid rope handling.
Surf-Girl will be the class model.
Pre-requisites: this class will be floorwork based, and participants should be able to tie a single column tie and have a working knowledge of basic frictions. Participants should also be prepared to be physically close to their partner(s).
BurgundyRose started her journey in ropes at Anatomie Studio in 2016, and hasn’t looked back since! She is a professional performer and theatre maker, and has worked with a number of theatre companies across the UK, Europe and the Middle East. She is passionate about the body as a tool for emotional expression, and this translates into her rope style. Dynamic, primal, playful and attentive, she is endlessly curious about people and thrives on the intense headspaces that rope can bring out.
surf-girl began exploring rope five years ago. She began tying with BurgundyRose in 2016 and the flame for more primal energy between the pair was lit in a takedown class the following spring. surf-girl has embraced many styles of rope through workshops and exploring with partners. She generally prefers to be tied and this tends to be either peacefully passive enduring suffering or active dynamic and co-creative.

Reserve your spot here (for free) and pay on the day in cash at the end of the class. We suggest a minimum donation of £10 per person, please give what feels right within your budget.