“Air Time” with Gorgone

Gorgone 2018

Discover Gorgone’s flavour of rope in this one of a kind weekend!
Who can come to this class? Are there pre-requisites?
This class has pre-requisites for riggers and rope bottoms/models – please make sure you meet these before booking to avoid disappointment on the day:
• Completion of Course 3 gives both riggers and models the necessary pre-requisites for this course.
• Riggers must be able to tie a structural 3 rope Takate Kote in under 10 minutes and be comfortable with suspensions & basic transitions.
• Pairs must preferrably tie with 6mm jute ropes, preferably single ply.
• Riggers and models must know how to check for nerve impingement.
• Riggers and models must have tied together prior to this class.
• Rope bottoms should be able to be tied in a Takate Kote and be very familiar with the differences between nerve and circulation impingement. Models must be able to recognise and communicate signs of nerve impingement to riggers effectively and timely. Models should be able to process pain and take some enjoyment in intense sensations.
What should I bring and what do I wear?
We have a communal kitchen, fridge and microwave, so feel free to bring lunch/snacks. Tea and coffee are free. People usually wear comfortable clothing like yoga or dance attire. We advise against loose fitting clothing and also jeans can sometimes feel a bit restrictive to move around in and difficult to tie on. We have communal ropes if you don’t have your own.
When does it take place?
This is workshop takes place on Saturday and Sunday October 13-14 (1-7pm).

Who teaches this class?
This workshop is taught by guest teacher Marika Leïla Roux (aka Gorgone)
“After many years of exploration and experimentation with the technics and emotions of traditional Japanese Rope Bondage (Shibari/Kinbaku), my interest and practice evolved and led me onto a more contemporary and experimental approach of Shibari. The projects presented here were born from the desire to break free from the sexual and S&M connotation that it carries.
“My mission today is to convey the unique experience and aesthetic of the body in ropes to a broader and more mainstream audience.
“I discovered Ropes almost by accident, during a photo shooting in 2011.
“Immediately seduced, I dived into the underground world of traditional Japanese rope bondage (Shibari/Kinbaku).
“In 2016, I started the Study on Falling – an aesthetical and philosophical research and work-in-progress, inspired by the work of Bobbi Jene Smith ‘A Study on Effort’.
“The live piece inspired the talented singer Asaf Avidan for the tittle of his new single and album.
“I was honored to present the live performance ‘Study on Falling’ as his opening act on the prestigious stage of the Opera Garnier in Paris.
“In 2017 I produced and launched the Online Tutorial Platform Shibari Study.
“I have been touring internationally since 2013 as a freelance performer and educator.
“So far I have been teaching and/or performing as a model and/or a rigger in Europe, USA, Japan, New Zealand and Israel (Paris, Berlin, London, Rome, Athens, Madrid, Lausanne, Prague, Bucarest, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Utrecht, San Francisco, New-York, Chicago, Louisville, Atlanta, Houston, Seattle, Orlando, Bellingham, Charlottesville, Memphis, Philadelphia, New-Orleans, Baltimore, Cleveland, Denver, Tel Aviv, Wellington, Tokyo and Osaka).”
How much does this cost?
£200 per couple for the weekend.

Where do I book tickets? Ticket link here. Pre-bookings now open.

Workshop Description:
The aim of the workshop is to introduce participants to Gorgone’s style of rope and to some of her classic ties, shapes and ‘researches’ into how to the body moves and works in suspension.
These are the subjects that will be covered during the weekend:
• Side-suspension (‘yoko tsuri’) Positional Study
• Torsion Positional Study :
“S suspension” Naka style inspired
(Calf loaded / Sitting)
“S suspension” Naka style inspired
(Thigh loaded / Standing)
• Body mechanics for the TK
• Gorgone’s TK (2 ropes pattern)
• Butterfly Harness (pattern)
• Suspension and transitions in the Butterfly
• «Study on Falling» full sequence
• Gorgone’s Diamond «Hojo» TK
• ‘Kata Ashi’ suspension sequence

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