Armnesses – with Tifereth

(This is a one day class on March 23rd).

About the workshop

This advanced class will cover a variety of suspension worthy harnesses designed to lift from just the arms-no chest support needed! Participants must be proficient in suspension from common chest harnesses with a good grasp of bondage safety basics. Bottoms should be capable of sustaining a variety of stress positions involving the arms and shoulders, and be comfortable giving detailed feedback on wrap placement.

Who can come to this class? Are there pre-requisites?

• Completion of ‘Intro to Suspension’ (Course 4) of equivalent gives both riggers and models/bottoms/partners the necessary pre-requisites for this course.

• Riggers must comfortable/proficient with suspensions & basic transitions.

• Riggers and models/bottoms/partners must know how to check for nerve impingement.

• Ideally pairs must have tied together prior to this class.

• Rope models/bottoms/partners should be very familiar with the differences between nerve and circulation impingement. Models must be able to recognise and communicate signs of nerve impingement to riggers effectively and timely. Models should be able to process pain and take some enjoyment in intense sensations.

Who teaches this class? This workshop is taught by Tifereth.

About Tifereth

Tifereth’s introduction to rope bondage came in 2011 in the form of a surprisingly enjoyable futomomo tsuri. Since then she’s drawn on her dual background in high-performance athletics and figurative arts to push herself physically and aesthetically on both ends of the rope. Known for her dynamic style of sadism, performative rope and creative approach to harness construction, she loves conveying her passion through engaging hands-on methods of instruction. A veteran educator and performer with credits including Prague Shibari Festival, Bondage Expo Dallas, Eurix, Helsinki Shibari, Shibaricon, as well as weekend workshops and performances all over the globe, she is most often found wherever the weird stuff is.

When does it take place? This is workshop takes place Saturday March 23rd (1-7pm).

How much does this cost? £100 per couple

Where do I book a ticket? Ticket link here.

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