Listen up: Exploring communication to inspire new scenes – with Fuoco & Sophia

(This is a 3 hour class on Friday March 1st).

About the workshop

Bottoms and tops can expect to walk away with more tools in their toolboxes to infuse their rope with more variety. This workshop will challenge bottoms to explore ways in which they can inspire various moods and energies within a scene. Tops will be offered an unconventional tying exercise to tap into styles of tying that might feel otherwise inorganic.

Who can come to this class? Are there pre-requisites?

• Completion of Course 1, Introduction to Shibari Course or The Takate Kote crash course gives both riggers and models the necessary pre-requisites for this course.

• Riggers must know how to comfortably tie a structural two rope Takate Kote taught to you in a class, workshop or private tuition.

• Rope bottoms should be comfortable in a Takate Kote and familiar with the differences between nerve and circulation impingement.

Who teaches this class? This workshop is taught by Fuoco & Sophia.

About Fuoco

Feminist. Performance Artist. Switch. Coffee enthusiast.

Fuoco began her rope journey as a bottom in Phoenix five years ago. Since then she had the good fortune to spend a year in London where she gained

exposure to the broader European rope scene and had the opportunity to work with some incredibly talented bottoms and riggers. Upon moving back to the United States, she began presenting at cons around the country sharing her love of rope. She is switchy in rope and a vocal advocate for rope bottoms.

When she’s not doing rope, Fuoco is a full time circus student, constantly training to build strength and flexibility. Her dedicated study of the mechanics of the body make her especially interested in developing more comprehensive education for bottoms informed by these practices.

About Sophia

“I have always been interested in exploring my own sexuality and curious about societies attitudes towards what is “normal”. I first encountered shibari around the end of 2013 after a few years exploring the BDSM scene, since then I have continuously discovered a whole new realm of pleasure, freedom and possibilities through my experiences in rope and kink.

“I am passionate about sexual exploration, freedom of expression, and kink/BDSM education – I would like others to share in the cathartic experience it is to feel free to be who you want to be, and shed the fear of judgement and shame that we are often conditioned to feel from a young age. Expressing and connecting so deeply with inner desires/ fears and ‘self’ through rope and kink has been one of the most transformational experiences in my life so far, and I am very grateful to continue this journey. Rope has led me to be able to travel to present and perform across Europe and the USA.

“I am interested in the power of exploring themes of vulnerability and weakness as a pathway to strength and ferocity – I think many of us have been conditioned to feel certain ways about our bodies, sexualities, desires and fears – but it can be a beautiful process to let that go. I feel strongly about respect and trust being the foundations to build true intimacy and go deeper into who we really are/want/desire/need to feel fuller and better beings. There is something very powerful about embracing our darkness and realising it is what has made us strong – just as we play with pain and pleasure in BDSM – emotions and the self are also a realm of beautiful contradictions, and emotions, which we should embrace rather than run from.

“I am often found helping out at Anatomie Studio as a ‘House Cat’ – it is an incredibly warm and welcoming space opened by Anna Bones and Fred Hatt in South London which I would recommend to anyone who is interested in learning rope and meeting people in an open minded, + friendly environment with amazing education.”

What should I bring and what do I wear? We have a communal kitchenette, fridge and microwave, so feel free to bring lunch/snacks. Tea and coffee are free. People usually wear comfortable clothing like yoga or dance attire. We advise against loose fitting clothing and also jeans can sometimes feel a bit restrictive to move around in and difficult to tie on. We have communal ropes if you don’t have your own.

When does it take place? This is workshop takes place Monday February 25th (7-9pm).

How much does this cost? £45 per couple / £25 per person

Where do I book a ticket? Ticket link here.

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