Rope & The Grotesque – Halloween Special

Who can come to this class? Are there pre-requisites?

the class will be floorwork based and is open to all levels, but you will get more out of this class if you can tie a single column tie and have a working knowledge of basic frictions. Participants are welcome to incorporate partial suspension if you have been to a ‘levelling up’ course or similar, but it will not be taught.

What should I bring and what do I wear? We have a communal kitchenette, fridge and microwave, so feel free to bring lunch/snacks. Tea and coffee are free. People usually wear comfortable clothing like yoga or dance attire. We advise against loose fitting clothing and also jeans can sometimes feel a bit restrictive to move around in and difficult to tie on. We have communal ropes if you don’t have your own.

When does it take place? This is workshop takes place Wednesday October 31st (7-10:30pm).

Who teaches this class? This workshop is taught by BurgundyRose & Philifox.

BurgundyRose started her journey in ropes at Anatomie Studio in 2016, and hasn’t looked back since! She is a professional performer and theatre maker, and is passionate about using ropes, the body, and other props and mediums for emotional expression and creativity. Dynamic, primal, playful and attentive, BurgundyRose is endlessly curious about people and thrives on the intense headspaces that rope can bring out. She is a ‘House Cat’ at Anatomie Studio, and has visited, performed and presented in various rope communities across the UK, Europe and North America.

Philifox has been tying/being tied since 2015. They are interested in rope as politics and rope as care. They are passionate about the subversive potential of kink in general and its use in self care and emotional processing. Grotesque rope has huge potential for exploring their values and interests, and they are really looking forward to the workshop.

How much does this cost? £45 per couple.

Where do I book tickets? Ticket link here. Pre-bookings now open.

Workshop Description:

What is the grotesque? How does it feel to embody a grotesque aesthetic? Why and how do we eroticise the grotesque?
In this Halloween special, BurgundyRose and Philifox will explore these ideas through a mixture of discussion and hands-on exercises. Expect a whole lot of weirdness, creativity, fun, and some Halloween themed props!
Techniques covered will include asymmetry, distortion and disfigurement, face rope and the use of rope bundles. The class will look at both the physical and emotional implications of these kind of ties.
Those who are being tied for this workshop need to be comfortable with a degree of public objectification.
Props will be provided, but feel free to bring along anything weird and wonderful you would like to incorporate into your grotesque ties.

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