Self Tying with Glu Wur

Glu Wur 2018


Get ready to be inspired! Glü Wür is in town for the day and it’s going to blow your mind.

Who can come to this class? Are there pre-requisites?

This class has pre-requisites for participants – please make sure you meet these before booking to avoid disappointment on the day:

• Must be comfortable/proficient with suspension line lock offs and safety.
• Must be familiar with risks such as nerve impingement.

What should I bring and what do I wear? We have a communal kitchenette, fridge and microwave, so feel free to bring lunch/snacks. Tea and coffee are free. People usually wear comfortable clothing like yoga or dance attire. We advise against loose fitting clothing and also jeans can sometimes feel a bit restrictive to move around in and difficult to tie on. We have communal ropes if you don’t have your own.

Equipment required:

• 6 -8 jute or hemp ropes that are 5 or 6 mm thick and 8m or 10m long (also short pieces are useful)
• 4-6 climbing carabiners
• scissors or cable cutter
• for the workshop comfortable clothes

When does it take place? This is workshop takes place on Saturday June 23rd (1-7pm).

Who teaches this class? Glü Wür is a chilean artist and performer based in Barcelona. She started her approach to arts by studying theatre and oil painting at school, where she could learn differen ways of artistic expression. At university, sculpt, goldsmith and gemology were her new challenges.

Besides she trained trapeze and aerial hoop in circus shows. Working with her body and mind and connecting with other people through art and acrobatics leads her to shibari (Japanese bondage) and she started to bond with people through rope all over the world.

She is experimenting with self-suspension and combining shibari with contemporary circus elements, to create her own unique style of performances. Taking classes from different teachers allows her to constantly weaving new possibilities and combining things. Her desire to learn and share ropes with other people makes her constantly seeking new possibilities and different teachers. Exploring the relationship between the limits of the body and the endless possibilities of the mind. In her performances she shows the scenic inquiry between identity and it’s absence. The requirement for physical diversity. A criticism of the beauty templates that our society creates. Through self-tying and self-torturing Glü Wür claims for freedom and diversity.

In London, New York, Berlin, San Francisco, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Santiago de Chile and many Spanish cities you could see her on stage, using ropes to sculp her body as if he was made from mud.

How much does this cost? £85 per person.

Where do I book tickets? Ticket link here. Pre-bookings now open.

Workshop Description:

The workshop is about being creative in self tying. they will show creative hip and chest harnesses, but the main focus of the workshop won’t be on the technical side of tying. They will focus on body movements in experimental tying and how to create fluid movements. How to move on the ground organically, generate safe ways to create your own possibilities for self-suspension. Using self-tie to express art and emotions. Make this experience a ritual for oneself. You don’t need pervious experience as he is for all levels all bodies.

• Short introduction about security and required equipment
• Warm up: physical fitness and stretching excersises with ropes that are usefull for self suspension
• knots and frictions in self-tie
• Suspension lines
• Movements: Focusing on using our body weight as a counter-tension with the strings and investigate the movements that we generate.
• Autorestriction tying on the ground and in semi-suspensions
• Learning improvisation and free style tying
• Creating different sensations: pleasure, pain, discomfort, contortion,…
• Hip harness and chest harness (quick release)
• Transition: how we change to differen positions by changing the body weight from the chest to the hips or from vertical to an inversion
• How to play in the air, using different elements.

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